Zodiac Signs: New Year's Eve Makeup Looks

Aries: Metallic Makeup

Amp up your warrior spirit by adding shimmer into your New Year’s Eve vibe.

Taurus: Ultra Glam

You live for beauty — which is why you should lean into your inner Beyonce or J. Lo and go full glam.

Gemini: Show-Stopping Eyeshadow

Don’t deny your desire to be seen on New Year's Eve! Wearing a bold shadow on your eyes will get you the vibe you’re totally longing for.

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time for you to glow up. A dewy look will get you in the right mood. 

Cancer: Dewy Skin

Leo: Colorful Eyebrows

Nothing says “notice me” more than a pair colorful eyebrows. In true Leo fashion, your eyebrows will get you the recognition that you deserve at every party.

Your planetary ruler is Mercury, which means that the focus of your makeup should be your mouth. 

Virgo: Bright Red Lip

In order to find balance this New Year’s, opt for a monochromatic look.

Libra: Monochrome Makeup

Your dry sense of humor could use a touch of lip service — by that we mean a matte lipstick that radiates beauty and passion in a crowded room.

Scorpio: Matte Lips

Being that you rarely play by the rules, the same sentiment can be said about your eyeliner.

Sagittarius: Colorful Eyeliner

The pop of unexpected color will make people intrigued and drawn to your cool style on New Year’s Eve.

Capricorn: Statement Blush

You’ll be totally into wearing body glitter all over your body for NYE.

Aquarius: All of the Glitter

The eyes are the window to the soul, which is why people will be able to notice your transcendent and tender heart light up from a smoky eye this New Year’s Eve.

Pisces: Smoky Eyes

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