Zodiac Signs: 2023 Love Horoscope


Mars, your ruler, concludes its retrograde on Jan. 12. After regaining your mojo and putting on your party attire, February will be full of love.


This year promises a lot. In May, Jupiter enters your sign, making you the celestial favourite till further notice.


You kick off 2023 with a fresh outlook on love, thanks to Venus entering Aquarius and your expansive ninth house of adventure on Jan. 2.

The year begins on an interesting note, as Venus concludes her journey through Capricorn, entering Aquarius and your intimate eighth house of mergers, sexual unions.



New year, new beginnings in love? Lady Venus will be sashaying into Aquarius and your relationships on Jan. 2, followed by a new moon in this area of your chart on Jan. 21.

If you've ever wondered why winter makes you feel enamoured, it's because the sun shines through Capricorn and your amorous fifth house.


Starting the year thinking about someone? With Venus in Aquarius, your fifth house of love, passion, and pleasure, this isn't surprising.


Ready to seal the deal? If you’ve been thinking about foundations for your committed partnerships, Mars will be ending a retrograde on Jan. 12, and this will help ease some tension. 


Your one-on-one commitments may have felt shaky, but the confusion will slowly but surely start dissipating once Mars ends its retrograde on Jan. 12.


The full moon in Cancer on Jan. 6 will fire your seventh house of significant people, revealing something vital about one-on-one relationships.


Are you ready for your close-up, showstopper? It doesn’t matter whether you believe in the cosmos, because you’re starting 2023 off on the right foot.


Wish! A full moon in Cancer on Jan. 6 will boost your fifth house of love, passion, and cravings.


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