What cupcake are you based on your zodiac sign?

ARIES: S’mores cupcake

S'mores are every Aries' ideal campfire treat! Aries enjoy dancing in the flames and feeling the rich blend of graham cracker crust, ooey-gooey chocolate cupcake.

TAURUS: Pumpkin cinnamon chip cupcake

Tauruses appreciate being sensuous and indulgent. Pumpkin spice cinnamon chip cupcakes will fire this earth sign's desire.

GEMINI: Key lime pie cupcake

Geminis love to play! Air signs like coconut key lime pie cupcakes to express their individuality and curiosity. 

CANCER: Chocolate cupcake

A chocolate cupcake will delight their taste senses and give them a soothing feeling of luxury and richness.

LEO: Lemon blueberry cupcake

Leos love drama! Leos are bright, colourful, and beautiful. They'll choose a sunny taste.

VIRGO : Gingerbread cupcake

Earth sign Virgo is most caring. They enjoy both aiding loved ones and enjoying the results of their effort.

LIBRA: Chocolate red wine blackberry cupcake

Marriage, commitment, and relationship are controlled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty.

SCORPIO: Tiramisu cupcake

Scorpios, the most passionate and intense zodiac sign, desire power and respect. Their concentration and passion for change set them distinct.

SAGITTARIUS: Funfetti cupcake

Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius is elemental Fire. Their young optimism lasts a lifetime. This makes funfetti their favourite cupcake taste!

CAPRICORN: Caramel delight cupcake

Capricorns govern the zodiac. Because Saturn, the planet of power and karma, rules them, they are quite traditional.

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