Types of Fade Haircuts

Men's fade haircuts are popular and easy. A fade can be added to any men's haircut, making them ubiquitous. Fades are great-looking, low-maintenance cuts. This guide discusses all fade haircuts.

Low Fade + Hair Design

This fade raises the hairline one inch around. Slashes behind the ears emphasize this fuzzy fading.

Buzz Cut + Line Up + Low Fade

Buzzcuts and fades are versatile. A hazy low fade towards the rear contrasts the forehead line.

Low Bald Fade

The low fade is also a cool style for men with longer hair. This fade is pretty much as low as it can go.

Side Part Haircut

A tapered  or taper faded side part haircut is flattering and popular. Medium fade is between low and high fade. Drop fades follow the hairline behind the ear in many mid fades.

Mid Fade Haircut

This mid-bald fade goes around the head in a line below the crown instead of going down.

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