Top 8 Tallest Cats Breeds

Siberian Cats

The Siberian cat is ever the lap cat, adoring the affection of its owners. They stand about 9-11 inches tall, and they are extremely healthy.


The Ragdoll is quite a large cat breed in weight, reaching about 9-11 inches in height (like the Siberian cat).

Norwegian Forest Cats

The Norwegian Forest Cat stands 9-12 inches tall, and it is beloved by many for the way it bonds with owners of all ages.


Though these large domestic cats have yet to be formally recognized as a breed, the Highlander is one of the newest pets with a whole lot to love, reaching 24 pounds and standing 10-16 inches when fully grown. 

British Shorthairs

Ranging from 12-14 inches tall, the British shorthair can’t get quite as tall as the Highlander cat. However, even their shortest tall cats have a couple of inches on the last breed.


Standing 13-16 inches tall, the Bengal cat has a rather sleek and exotic look about them.


The Savannah cat is almost the tallest domestic breed in the world, but it has quite an impressive lineage to back it up.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon cat is quite a majestic sight as the largest domestic cat breed. Like many others on this list, the Maine Coon cat is a hybrid, standing at up to 42 inches.

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