Top 10 Tesla Car Models

2019 Tesla Model X – $82,200

The 2019 Tesla Model X may be the most eco-friendly and quickest method of transporting up to seven passengers across rugged terrain.

2019 Model S – $76,200

Prior to the arrival of the game-changing Model S vehicle, Tesla's impact on the American automobile industry was modest.

2019 Model 3 – $36,200

It boasts the same range and semi-autonomous driving technologies as the Model S at half the price. The 2019 Tesla Model 3 is instead positioned as an all-electric competitor to compact premium cars.


2020 Model Y – $51,190

The Model Y SUV from Tesla offers ample luggage room, a long driving range, and several technological amenities, but it lacks the enthusiasm and creativity of its brothers.

2020 Model X – $81,190

Due to its extended range, quick-charging battery, and great performance, the Model X is a pricey but obvious choice if you're searching for an electric SUV.

2020 Model S – $70,620

When it launched in 2012, the Model S was the first long-range, highly anticipated electric car, and mainstream manufacturers have been attempting to catch up ever since.

Tesla has revolutionised the electric vehicle market, and the Model 3 is the most affordable option to purchase one of the company's technical wonders.

2020 Model 3 – $36,200

It is anticipated that the new Tesla Roadster would rejoin the lineup in 2023, picking up where the last model left off.

TESLA 2023 Roadster – $200,000

Tesla's most recent model is the all-electric Model Y small SUV, which shares its base and most of its interior with the Model 3 sedan but has additional luggage room.

TESLA 2023 Model Y – $41,190

As the SUV cousin of the Model S sedan, the 2023 Tesla Model X may be the most eco-friendly and quickest method to carry up to seven passengers or a great deal of cargo.

TESLA 2023 Model X – $91,190


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