Top 10 Dangerous Cats


The Siamese cat is a cat breed that arose from present-day Thailand. This cat is one of the most recognized Asian breeds. 


Sphynx is a medium-sized hairless cat breed that originated from Canada.


Known as the smallest wild cat native to Africa, this cat species inhabit the arid regions and savannahs of southern Africa in the wild. 


Regarded as a hybrid breed, the Bengal cat is formed from several domestic cats, particularly the spotted Egyptian Mau, with the Asian leopard cat.

Scottish folds are friendly to their owners and other familiar domestic animals, like pet dogs. 

Scottish Fold

Somali Cat

Somali cats are an active and agile breed. Though they’re not aggressive without a cause, they’re persistent when they want to get something that arouses their curiosity.

Egyptian Mau

Although intelligent and athletic, the Egyptian Mau is often shy and sensitive. Sometimes, they prefer being independent and are more attracted to warm environments. 

Maine Coon

What makes Maine Coons dangerous isn’t aggression. Instead, they’re considered dangerous because of their relatively high tendency to stimulate allergies in allergic and pet-sensitive people.

Persian Cat 

Typically, Persian cats aren’t recognized as an aggressive breed. However, the kittens are fond of biting as they can’t yet discern between unacceptable and satisfactory behavior.


Pixie-bobs tend to be highly vocal when they’re unhappy. When annoyed, they’re prone to growling and chirping at strangers and even their owners.

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