Most To Least Romantic Zodiac Signs


Taurus is the most romantic sign of the zodiac. This grounded earth sign is both strong-willed, sensual, loyal, and romantic. 


Pisces is a sign that is too romantic, has no limits, and has a rich fantasy life. Even though they can be sensitive and insecure in relationships.


Cancers, who are ruled by the moon, are very sensitive, emotional people who fall in love easily .


Leos are known for being the most dramatic people in the zodiac, both in their personal lives and in their relationships.


Date a Gemini, and you'll never stop having fun. These outgoing people are always looking for new things to do, and they like to include their partners in the fun.


Libra is the sign of the seventh house, which is also called the house of partnerships .


Dating an Aries is like going on the best and most exciting roller coaster you've ever been on. 


Capricorns aren't unromantic, but lovey-dovey, exciting romance isn't at the top of their to-do list. Capricorns are practical, responsible, and hard-working.


Scorpios are thought to be mysterious, intense, and sensual people who are crazy about passionate intimacy and the macabre.


Even if it takes a while to get them there, a Virgo in love is a beautiful thing to see. Virgos are loyal, supportive, and service-oriented partners who want to have a happy.


Sagittarians are straightforward, optimistic, and friendly people who often have good luck in love, even though it's not one of their top priorities.


Relaxed and cool as a cucumber. Aquarius is the least romantic of all of the signs of the zodiac. 

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