Most Oblivious Zodiac Sign


In most situations, grounded Tauruses are incredibly thoughtful and dependable.

They won't leave the office until their assignment is perfect, and they'll be the first at your door if you're having a bad day.


The sign of the twins, with their dual personalities and indecisiveness, is considered the most scattered of the zodiac, and their wishy-washy ways often leave them distracted.

They can get so caught up in conversation that they can easily forget that there is a pot boiling over on the stove or they accidentally missed an appointment," explains author and astrologer Lisa Barretta.


Sagittarians are the eternal optimists of the zodiac, always focused on where their next adventure will take them and believing in the power of luck and destiny.

"For example, everyone says that a person is cheating on them, but they believe that they are too cool for this to be true.

As the people-pleaser of the zodiac, Libra's problem is that they don't follow their own intuition, but instead are only concerned with what others think and how to keep everyone else happy.


"They focus too much on weighing things back and forth to the point of not always seeing the outcome or big picture.

Unlike Libra, Pisces is highly intuitive. But their emotional water-sign energy means they very often get lost in their feelings or daydreams and become detached from reality.


As Alta points out, Pisces is the stereotypical absentminded person you may hear jokes about.

Aquarians are the eccentric rebels of the zodiac, and they have no problem sharing their unique perspectives with anyone who'll listen.


"They like to shock people and are totally unaware of just how 'shocking' they can be at times," says Barretta.

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