Most Naive Zodiac Sign


Libras are people-pleasers by nature. They want to make others happy, even if that means neglecting their own needs.

This can lead to being more naive as they aren't as in tune with the red flags going up around them.


You've probably noticed that your Leo friend has a big personality that always shines.

According to Ian Altosaar, astrologer and creator of The Freedom Astrologer, that's because they live through the heart.


Taurus people are smart and savvy in the workplace, but their innocent qualities can make them somewhat naive in personal relationships.

A Taurus tends to empathize a lot with others which can cause them to believe a lot of things that might not be real. 

This emotional and intuitive sign always looks for the good in others. That can sometimes lead them to miss negative warning signs in people.


Cancer tends to be very nurturing and caring, which can sometimes make them naive to the mal-intent of others.

Aries puts on a strong and powerful facade. But deep down, they have childlike innocence and honesty.


It's hard for these Martians to imagine that a person may lie and fake their emotions for the sake of their goals.

Our panel of astrologers agreed that Pisces was the most naive. "This water sign is known for its intuitive, emotional,


and sensitive nature, which sometimes leads them to be too reliant on others and unaware or undiscerning of potential dangers or mishaps.

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