Most Intuitive Zodiac Sign


Scorpios are widely recognised for over-processing information and are truly specialists at over-thinking. Because of this, they are also highly intuitive.

"They tend to be extremely self-conscious and worry what others are thinking, and can quickly and readily pick up on unpleasant feelings in a room."


Libras radiate peace. This symbol keeps them calm in a chaotic environment. They're great buddies because they care about you.

Libras will utilise their intuition to offer you honest, candid advise if you're at a crossroads in life.


Leos are self-determined. This sun-ruled sign is charming, compassionate, and perceptive since it is hypersensitive to others' energy.

"They usually know what to say and when to make people laugh. Their intuitiveness makes them comedic geniuses."

Aquarians are always looking forward. This makes them one of the most intuitive signs since they can see the future.


"Aquarians can mend practically everything," explains Garbis. "They can establish trends and always know what's coming."

Cancers are emotional, which helps them trust their instincts. This sign has keen, healing instincts.


Due to their great emotions and sensitivity to others, particularly those they love, Pisces are the most perceptive zodiac sign.


 "They can hear your thoughts, the tune in your brain, and even your last meal. They know when you're hungry, wounded, and need care."

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