Mid Fade Haircuts That Are Tight

Mid fade haircuts may be the perfect compromise between high and low fades. This fade cleans up the neckline and adds length above the temples.

Mid Fade Haircut

The side view of a fade is the most dramatic, but the front view is just as important, if not more so.

Mid Skin Fade

Mid fades eliminate temple hair for a tight profile. The neckline in the back distinguishes a mid fade from a high fade.

Mid Fade Haircut For Black Men

The made fade makes a curved shape that looks different from the shape of the line up and the beard.

Mid Drop Fade

Drop fades fall behind the ear, as the name indicates. This contemporary style combines a fade with bangs.

Medium Bald Fade Haircut

V-shaped necklines add interest to a mid or low fade. The point looks great with kinky curls on top and a mohawk fade.

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