Man Bun Hairstyles

Throughout the seasons, classic haircuts have returned. The undercut, side part, and comb over are all influenced by the 50s. The man bun defies these constraints and stands alone.

Infinity Man Bun

Want a unique man bun style? We call this an Infinity Man Bun because of its shape, but you can experiment as much as your hair allows. A few extra twists make for an eye-catching bun.

Messy Top Bun and Beard

Straight and thick hair strands are wrapped in a bun, attracting attention. Plus, the side strands make it seem casual. Not too rigid, letting hair down.

Thick Long Hair with Straight Man Bun

Thicker, longer hair strands set this style apart from others, not the small man bun. Details aren't ignored. Perfect strands are straightened.

Loose Open Ended Frizzly Man Bun

Can we overstate this macho style? The loosely tied back bun rests comfortably. The beard is precisely tapered, while the mustache is thick and full. 

Man Bun Hairstyles

Open Ended Curly Back Man Bun

Is this French style? The turtleneck mixes well with the frizzy and loose hair, yet the thick structure keeps it from flying. To balance, the sides are somewhat reduced.

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