Love horoscope for every zodiac sign in 2023


 You don’t hesitate, a boldness that serves you in the moment but not always in the long run. As the first born sign in the zodiac, you never lose the novelty of firsts. 


Yet you may be harboring insecurities around your body and holding tight to shame related to who and how you want. This year offers you the chance to choose love instead of fear, release over repression.


For all your verbosity and word play Gemini you can be coy when it comes to detailing your desires.

Cancer, you have no fear of the emotional depth of others but often deflect your own needs by helping others meet theirs.



Shake your mane and shift your gears this year Leo. Venus, planet of love and attachment stations retrograde in your sign this summer

Commitment is at the forefront for you this year Virgo with several planetary influences turning your attention to long term partnerships.


Yours is a sign defined by partnerships and marked by diplomacy. You are willing to go to great lengths to keep the peace and maintain the status quo in your romantic entanglements, Libra. 


 The influence of Saturn is a serious ballast to you Scorpio, emphasis on serious. Saturn invests when it is sure so flights of fancy and surface flings will seem even more frivolous than usual.


Through the first weeks of the new year, Mars retrograde linger like an anti-horny hangover, making you feel like your mojo has gone missing Sagittarius. 


You have a reputation for being a bit stodgy and a touch serious Capricorn, but I see you. You’re not represented by the devil card for nothing.


Your objectivity is among your greatest gifts Aquarius but to maintain that vantage you must keep a dangerous distance from the messy, vital pulse of sex and emotionality. 


For too long you have confused pain for passion, Pisces and in the process forfeited your divine right to pleasure. You do not need to suffer, you do not need to beg or pine.


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