How to Twist Short Hair for Men?

Start with clean, detangled, moist hair. Based on your hair type, use a product to set and retain the style. Normal hair needs pomade or alcohol-free gel.

 Dry, coarse hair needs beeswax, nut butters, or natural oils. Mix gel and shea butter for hold and conditioning.

Choose twist size. Larger sections take less time and create a more casual look, while smaller sections take hours. Comb or finger-part hair as you go.

Starting at the nape of the neck, twist each section of hair around your finger. Make sure the sections are the same size, evenly spaced, and straight. 

Cover your head. Spray hair with water or water and conditioner as needed.

Let your hair air-dry, then gently shake it out. Hairspray adds hold. Leave twists in for days or two weeks.

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