Trendy Hairs Ideas for Stylish Little Guys

Boy haircuts vary. Your little man has many options. Finding a cut that suits his hair type and features can boost his confidence and grooming habits.

If you have a little boy who wants a new hairstyle, one of the best things you can do is look at pictures of different cuts to get ideas.

 Even though most little boys don't care much about their hair or looks when they're young, they'll love something new and different that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Pomp Fade

pomp cut. When you leave a little length on top, this easy cut may be worn untidy or manicured. This style fits everyone except frizzy hair. 

Pomp Fade

This style fits everyone except frizzy hair. Your curly man needs length and gel to get a pomp.

Short Undercuts

This style works with pastes and waxes on all hair types. To align the top and bottom, find his natural part.

Short Spiky 

Guys love spikes. They love pulling hair up and out. Spikes should be no longer than two inches to work.

Short Quiff 

Is your kid neat? Quiffs are dapper for little men. This modern James Dean look is timeless and perfect for church or school photos.

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