Cutest Cat Breeds


One of the oldest cat breeds, the Abyssinian is regal-looking. Muscular, arched neck, and huge ears distinguish this cat.

American bobtail

The wild-looking American bobtail is affectionate, lively, and clever. They are medium-sized cats with rectangular bodies and wide heads with a whisker break over the snout.

American curl

The American curl isn't named for its length. Its happy-looking backward-curling ears inspired the name "Curl."

American shorthair

This cat has short, multicoloured hair. The 12-pound American shorthair is muscular. Hill's says these beautiful kitties like family time and sunbathing alone.

This cat's wired coat varies in colour and design. Upstate New York farm cats spontaneously mutated into the American wirehair. 

American wirehair


Like the Siamese, this breed is less popular. The Balinese, one of the prettiest cat breeds, with a silky, flowing hair and a plume on its tail.


The sofa has a wildcat! The Bengal is another attractive cat breed with vibrant patches or marbling. Its intellect, playfulness, and beauty make it an ideal family pet.


Long-haired Birmans have smooth coats, intense blue eyes, and white paw gloves or stockings. Supposedly, these beautiful kitties were temple priests' companions in northern Burma, but their tale gets worse.


Copper eyes and short black hair make these little panthers irresistible. The CFA's mission is to breed panther-looking cats without wild blood (but don't tell your Bombay that).


Its rich brown, silky coat is Burmese. The CFA says the breed now includes warm beige, light grey, and medium grey.

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