Curly Hair Fade Haircuts

Curly hair fade haircuts are popular among men with curly hair. Fade haircuts enhance short and long hair textures.

Curly Hair + Shadow Fade Haircut

Instead of reaching the skin, the shadow fades shorter. This fringe-heavy French crop for curly hair is cool. Hair grows straighter as it gets shorter toward the back.

Low Fade + Curly Hair

The low fade raises the hairline about an inch around, unlike the taper fade. Curly hair looks trendy with a forehead line up.

 Mid Fade + Curly Hair

Mid fades raise the hairline higher than low fades but lower than high fades. This freshens the silhouette and highlights the natural texture. This look requires a shiny product.

 Drop Fade + Curly Hair

The drop fade, as you would assume, lowers down behind the ear to match the natural hairline. Afro-frohawk is the effect. 

 Fade with Curly Hair on Top

Here's another drop fade with a curly top that smoothly follows the same arc.

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