Best Geometric Hair Designs

Check out these pictures of the most popular hair styles for men right now to help you decide which one to get at your next haircut.

Faux Hawk with Design Lines

This long-on-top, short-back-and-sides men's haircut is trendy. 3 lines on the back of the head make you stand out.

Caesar Cut with X Design

Short haircuts look great on any hair color and texture. Is wearing the same shape for years boring? This X-shaped haircut is stylish and masculine.

Skin Fade and Greek Patterns

Barbering can be an art form. This Versace-inspired hairstyle shows barbers' talent.

High and Tight with Freestyle Hair Design

This adaptable and easy-to-maintain hairstyle has edgy lightning-shaped freestyle design lines. Shaved lines fade rapidly.

A Double Line on One Side

A fade haircut with long, curly hair on top is bold. For a showstopper haircut, have your barber shave a line or two into your disconnected curly undercut.

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