Best Beard Styles For Men

Some beards are long and dark, while others are short and full. Every beard needs care, regardless of length or type. The right beard products can promote growth and fill in patchy areas.

Long Beard

This classic beard shape helps lengthen a face. Let your whiskers grow and resist the urge to trim them too early because it's easier to shape them once they have length and volume.

Short Beard

This beard is short but full. It's great for round or oval-faced men who want to define and highlight their cheekbones. Even with a short beard, you must wait a few months to trim it.

Egg-Shaped Beard

A soft, rounded beard visually elongates the chin of square faces. First grow your beard long enough to trim the sides while keeping the chin length. 


 It's like a full-face beard, but smaller. Once your facial hair is even slightly long, cutting a goatee is easy: shave everything except your mustache, chin, and connecting lines.

Black Tie Scruff

Even though it's short enough to show skin, this style is still trimmed and maintained. It takes longer than two days without shaving and a heavy trimmer.

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