8 Cutest Dog Breeds

Labrador retriever

 These puppies, undeniably one of the cutest dog breeds, grow fast and reach adulthood by about six months and crave an active lifestyle to be happy anda healthy.

Golden retriever

It loves being social and becoming a real member of the family, so it will be much happier with you and not alone in the yard for hours on end.

French bulldog

The Frenchie is a brachycephalic breed, which means its shorter snouts make breathing a little more laborious, especially in hot weather or if your Frenchie takes a dip in the lake. 


It’s probably one of the cutest dog breeds because the beagle keeps its adorable puppy face for most of its life—until those gray hairs eventually creep in around its face.


The fluffy and “foo-foo” appearance of poodles hardly conjures up what poodles were originally bred to do—retrieve prey from the water but all that fur protects joints from the cold water.


 Rottie puppies are a solid block of burning love. Their stocky and muscular body tips the scales from 95 to 135 pounds, males on the heavier end. 

Yorkshire terrier

Spunky and sassy these cute little divas are viewed as the pampered breed, but it’s origin began far away from the penthouse set.


It goes without saying, this is not a breed for people who need a tidy household. On the plus side, Mastiffs are gentle, intelligent.

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