10 Toy Dog Breeds

Miniature schnauzer

We can’t decide what’s more endearing: the mini schnauzer’s human-like eyes and bushy eyebrows, its distinguished beard and moustache, or its adorable stocky body.

Toy American Eskimo

Here's a surprise: the American Eskimo dog doesn't come from the frozen tundras of Alaska. Eskies, or "Eskies" as their fans call them, come from Germany.


If you're looking for cute toy dog breeds that look like teddy bears, these fluffy little nuggets are about the same size as a stuffed animal but much cuddlier and more fun to play with.

Shih poo

If the name didn't already give it away, we'll tell you: The shih poo is a mix between a shih tzu and a poodle. It is one of the cutest small dogs that stay small.


With those expressive eyes and outgoing, spunky personalities, you would have to have a heart made from coal to resist this loveable miniature dog.


"Papillons got their name from the French word for butterfly because their ears look like butterfly wings.


We love this cute breed of tiny toy dog. Does that tell you anything about its parents? This designer dog, which is a mix of a Chihuahua and a dachshund and is called a "choxie," is small but has a big personality.

Yorkshire terrier

A charming, loyal buddy you may bring in your bag? In! Yorkies adore being with their humans, even if that means shopping at Nordstrom in a stylish bag. Yorkies seldom shed.


“The pug motto is ‘multum in parvo,' which translates to ‘a lot in a little,'” adds Dr. Abens. “They are lively, active dogs with lovely faces.


“Havanese are often born trainable extroverts with goofy personalities and may be superb watchdogs. They only bark when anything is wrong.

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