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Top 10 Trends Haircut for Girls in 2023

    Trends Haircut

    “New year, new me” signifies something different to each individual. If it encourages you to change up your hairstyle or even get a radical haircut, you’ve come to the correct spot. We have asked hairstylists to forecast the most popular haircut styles for 2023. Others (such as the mixie, which we’ll discuss later) are merging existing looks (such as the mixie).

    Thanks to popular TikTok videos and celebrity sightings, several ’90s hairstyles reemerged in the last year, and they’re not going away. The layered haircut once known as “The Rachel” (after Jennifer Aniston’s character on Friends) was renamed as the octopus haircut, and TikTok exploded with videos of individuals having the chop and styling it. The bob-pixie, sometimes known as the bixie, was an additional ’90s hairstyle that was revived in 2022. The bixie, characterized by its jaw-skimming length, looks just as wonderful on Sarah Hyland and Kaia Gerber, who received it this year, as it did on Meg Ryan and Cameron Diaz, who sported it in the 1990s.

    To no one’s surprise, variations of the bob will be a major trend, but experts also predict a comeback of long hair. Clayton Hawkins, a hairdresser based in Los Angeles, believes that many individuals grew out their hair during the epidemic. “Many of my customers with bobs or shoulder-length hair are attempting to grow it out and have really long hair.”

    However, hairdresser Ray Christopher thinks “the bobs are becoming shorter” for people who choose to preserve their short hairstyles. No longer do people use the lob. Either Rapunzel or Joan of Arc is your team.

    Sara Granberger, hairdresser and co-owner of Hairrari LA, recommends hybrid haircuts as the last option. “Clients are now more likely to come in with many inspiration photos, showing us features in each photo that they want us to include into one cut,” she adds. This includes the mixie (a mixture of the pixie and the mullet) and the shaggy bowl cut (the offspring of the shag and the bowl cut).

    1. The Short Bob

    Trends Haircut

    Fears predict that bob haircuts will be quite popular in 2023. However, Fitzsimons thinks that the short bob will take center stage and dominate social media feeds in the new year. “The short bob will be a popular hairstyle in 2023,” he predicts. Not only do I like the fact that this is a terrific haircut for folks with thick hair, but I also adore the fact that it can be styled with longer layers to maintain its length and form.

    2. ‘90s Supermodel Blowout

    Trends Haircut

    Channel your inner Cindy Crawford with the supermodel blowout of the 1990s. Raven Hurtado, the stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, suggests blow-drying and curling hair in tiny parts at home, followed by using hairspray for long-lasting hold. Next, brush out hair and promote volume. If you lack wrist dexterity, you have the option of using hot rollers or the GHD Glide Smoothing Hot Brush. Ensure that each styling product encourages hold, and ends with a shine spray.

    3. The Shag

    Trends Haircut

    Last year, shaggy hairstyles witnessed a significant increase, with contemporary shag leading the way. Andy Judd, a stylist based in Nashville, once told Allure, “A shag is trimmed by bringing everything forward with a more dramatic contrast of layering than the normal lengthy layers.” Experts anticipate that the rocker aesthetic will become popular again in 2023.

    Magda Ryczko, proprietor of Hairrari salon, asserts, “[Shags] are fantastic for all hair types, and the wilder the better.” She observes that rather than using treatments to control frizz, individuals are embracing beach hair vibes, wild colors, and patterns.

    4. Mixie

    Trends Haircut

    The mixie is a cross between a mullet and a pixie, with two to three inches of longer hair at the base of the neck. With piecey layers for movement and texture, this is an edgy new year’s style. In addition, it is low-maintenance and takes as little product as you like, depending on your hair’s texture. According to Lee, the Mela & Kera Balayage Exceptionnel Wave Foundation Spray is the perfect product for edgy shortcuts since it provides structure and grit without making the hair brittle or sticky.

    5. The Box Bob

    Trends Haircut

    Brook and hairdresser Michael Dues agree that bob haircuts with a single length will be popular in the next year. This year, this style dominated the runways at events such as Altuzzara SS ’22 and Ulla Johnson AW ’18. (pictured above). According to Brook, this cut is distinct from other bob haircuts in that it features blunt, sharp edges and a uniform length that produces volume and body. She says, “The length reaches the bottom of the chin or shorter, according to your hairline, type, and texture.”

    6. Bottleneck Bangs

    Trends Haircut

    Bottleneck bangs (which celebrity hairstylist and European creative director for Evo hair Tom Smith once told Bustle “takes inspiration from the neck of a bottle, starting slim and short in the middle, curving longer around the eyes, and then is longest following the line of the cheekbone”) is the trend that Ellis predicts will be many people’s go-to bangs.

    “I like this trend,” he declares. “Many women simply want harsh cuts with tight bangs and no inside layers,” says the stylist. After blow-drying, he suggests using a no-crease clip to keep them in place and in the desired position.

    7. One-Length Bob

    Trends Haircut

    According to Lee, you can’t go wrong with the one-length bob if you’re seeking a sleek and uncompromising appearance. Slightly distinct from a traditional bouncy bob, one-length bobs feature blunt, sharp ends and a uniform length all around for volume and movement. In order to get a straight, sleek appearance, ask your stylist to reduce the weight at the ends of your hair before you visit the salon. By maintaining the cut square and boxy, the corners will have length, and the remaining hair will be pushed toward the face.

    8. Butterfly Cut

    Trends Haircut

    Brendnetta Ashley, a hairdresser, defines the butterfly cut as “a layered cut that creates a feathery appearance like butterfly wings.” Ashley, like Hawkins, sees many customers who wish to grow out their hair, and she observes that as the fringe grows out, “you will begin to sweep it more to the sides.” This appearance enables you to do so consciously and in a more fashionable manner. If you don’t want to go all out with the butterfly cut, Ashley suggests opting for this style on your bangs just. Ashley comments that the butterfly fringe complements any haircut, particularly a shag cut.

    9. Curtain Bangs

    Trends Haircut

    Curtain bangs will continue to exist. Fitzsimons comments, “I like curtain bangs and how stylish and adaptable they are.” “These face-framing bangs are very flattering on a variety of facial types, so I anticipate that they will continue to be really fashionable in 2023.”

    He suggests using a round brush with a medium-sized barrel to blow-dry the bangs away from the face in order to style them and give your fringe (and the rest of your hair) a classic blowout appearance.

    10. Layers

    Trends Haircut

    According to Ellis and Fears, layers will never go out of style, so you can expect to see layered designs in 2023. Fears states, “Layers are attractive, face-framing, and add body.” Ellis says that layers are also really simple to maintain and suggests adding mousse to enhance the volume of your layers.

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