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Hairstyles that can ‘knock a few years off’ – ‘general rules to follow’ to look younger


    Emerging from the hair salon looking 10 years younger might be a dream come true for many, but while your hairdresser isn’t able to turn back the clock, there are some ways they can help create a more youthful appearance with a few snips. Celebrity hairstylist and groomer Luke Benson (@LukeBensonHair) has worked his magic on stars including Liam Payne, Roman Kemp, Lola Young, George Ezra, Mae Muller, Tom Grennan and Billie Eilish, for whom he created the iconic looks at The Brits and the Bond premiere.

    Speaking to, he said: “Hairstyles have the power to age us or knock a few years off, and this depends on everything from length to colour and manageability.

    “Hairstyles are all about suitability. Hair is the one thing that can make everyone look different – a dark bob on one person can look totally different on someone else, not necessarily in a negative way because both can suit but there are factors that need to be taken into account for that suitability.”

    Although long hair can have the potential to age you, that doesn’t mean you need to chop off your locks as you get older.

    “You don’t need to go short as you get older, classic styles like a bob tend to suit most faces and ages,” said Luke.

    “Depending on the condition, very long hair can be ageing because the illusion it creates pulls everything downwards, but if balanced with layers or a soft fringe, for example, this can bring back the relevance of the style to someone’s age and lifestyle.”

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    “But as we know, rules are made to be broken. Your hairdresser won’t just cut a specific type of cut without tailoring it not just to your face shape, but to your hair’s texture, your lifestyle, how good are you at styling it yourself, how much time you have to do that, how does your job influence how you wear your hair (does it have to be tied back for example), and your budget.

    “There’s no point giving you something high maintenance if you don’t have the time, inclination or budget to maintain it.”

    How to maintain healthy hair

    As well as finding the right cut, maintaining healthy locks can add to a fresh and youthful appearance.

    This is why getting the right vitamins is so essential, both in the food that you eat and through supplements where your diet may be lacking.

    Luke told “I recommend GLOWWA Hair Food for both men and women because the active ingredients are specifically designed to feed hair.”

    GLOWWA Hair Food is a course of vitamin-packed supplements which should be taken daily for 12 weeks for optimum results.

    As well as helping to maintain strong healthy hair and help your tresses to grow, GLOWWA vitamins can also offer additional health and well-being benefits, including post-pregnancy and during menopause.

    Active ingredients include Niacin, Zinc, vitamin B12, Vitamin C, MSM and coconut water which help to boost hair growth, strengthen hair follicles, reduce the risk of hair loss and maintain soft, strong hair.

    Luke explained: “MSM lengthens the anagen phase for longer hair growth, Niacin dilates capillaries feeding nutrients to the hair follicle and Zinc strengthens hair follicles and normalises sebaceous glands – maintaining normal zinc levels every day reduces hair loss.

    “Vitamin C is vital for iron absorbency. Bot getting enough leads to dry, brittle hair and hair not, growing past a certain length, plus it’s hydrating and healing for the scalp.

    “Biotin promotes faster, stronger and thicker hair growth reducing breakage.

    “B12 supports red blood cells and provides oxygen to the hair follicles. Without adequate oxygen, your hair can’t sustain healthy growth. B5 and B6 regulate hormones, reduce oil production allowing the hair to grow from a healthy environment, and maintain a healthy scalp and increase overall hair shine.”


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