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20 Short Shag Hairstyles That You Simply Can’t Miss

    short shaggy haircuts

    Short haircuts must be scruffy these days to be considered trendy and attractive. The nicest thing about them is that they make you seem younger and can be worn for any occasion. The following hairstyles are suitable for both straight and wavy hair. They’re simple to style and maintain, and we honestly don’t think there’s anything better in terms of trendy short haircuts.

    Shag hairstyles are created by layering the hair into various lengths. It was invented by the well-known barber Paul McGregor. Layers are typically added to the top and sides of shag hairstyles. In the early 1970s, numerous celebrities, including Rod Stewart, Florence Henderson, and Jane Fonda, had various styles of shag haircuts. This hairstyle gained popularity in the 1990s when Jennifer Aniston donned the famed “The Rachel” shag hairdo. Following that, Meg Ryan styled a shag in the 2000s, which became a trend for both smart girls and women.

    The allure of the shag comeback is simple to see because there is a shag style for practically any hair type and texture, and it can be altered to any length. Its somewhat dishevelled and casually stylish feel, as well as its low-maintenance and very simple design, appeals to a wide spectrum of individuals, which is why it is so popular.

    A shag haircut is any style that incorporates gradual layering with shorter layers towards the top of the head and longer layers beneath. Consider how the upper branches of a Christmas tree are shorter than the ones beneath. This kind of haircut creates the illusion of more height at the crown of the head.

    It’s also ideal for sloppy hairstyles and a tousled, somewhat unkempt appearance. Short shag haircuts are among the most popular shag variations. Short shags can be styled as short as a pixie or as long as the shoulders.

    The Most Beautiful Short Shag Hairstyles

    Why do experienced stylists believe that short shag haircuts are the best option? Choppy ends, layering, and a lot of texture define a sag. As a result, the hairdresser adds volume where needed and provides dimension if the hair appears flat. Let’s compare notes.

    1. Balayaged Choppy Bob

    short shaggy haircuts

    A choppy bob cut looks great on mature women. Bobs with a straight cut length at the nape of the neck keep the appearance of length while yet having a current choppy look!

    2. Straight and Wavy Shag

    short shaggy haircuts

    Mix straight and wavy texture on a short shaggy bob. You’ll like the extra volume and personality it adds. Choose a bright hair pin to clip in front for date evenings.

    3. Super Short Shag

    short shaggy haircuts

    Want to go even shorter? This really short shag should suffice. A little texturizing spray will add volume to fine straight hair.

    4. Waves of Color

    short shaggy haircuts

    If your hair has a natural bend, your strands will respond well to a shag cut. This style’s attractive silhouette screams for some modest highlights to brighten locks and emphasise the layers.

    5. Piecey Pixie

    short shaggy haircuts

    Is it true that blondes have more fun? Find out when you wear a shaggy-textured piecey pixie. For minimum style, the layers offer attractive built-in lift and movement.

    6. Chin-length Shag with Side Part

    short shaggy haircuts

    Here’s an excellent illustration of shag development. Long layers offer natural-looking volume while keeping the majority of the hair at the top, but unlike the typical shag, this chin-length cut includes a side split and side-swept bangs. This gives the room a lived-in, informal appearance.

    7. Platinum Short Shag

    short shaggy haircuts

    You may have been blonde as a youngster, but your hair has darkened with age. Perhaps you’d want to discover whether blondes truly have more fun. Whatever the reason, platinum blonde hair with a shorter cut is a pleasure to wear because it is much easier to maintain.

    8. Pop of Pink

    short shaggy haircuts

    If pink isn’t a daring hair color, we don’t know what is! With a pop of peppy pink and beautiful waves, a short bob parted on the side and given layers looks stunning.

    9. Sleek Razor Cut Shag

    short shaggy haircuts

    You probably didn’t expect to hear the adjective “sleek” used to describe a shag hairstyle. However, this is simply another evidence of the shag’s development. It’s ideal for people with straight hair. This shag is tamed with layers, precisely cropped bangs, and textured ends for a smoother appearance.

    10. Golden-Bronde Bob with Piecey Layers

    short shaggy haircuts

    This shaggy bob has a rounded contour, smooth lines, and a slightly dishevelled look. The bronde balayage’s subtle gold and brown tones create depth and refinement. This hairstyle is ideal for women with extremely thick and coarse hair.

    11. Asymmetrical Pixie

    short shaggy haircuts

    Short haircuts, such as asymmetrical pixies, are ideal for rocking the shaggy look. Scrunch in hair product with your fingers to create these mod curls.

    12. French Bob Shag

    short shaggy haircuts

    This look combines the French bob with shag layers to bring both styles into the twenty-first century.

    13. Curls of Tinsel

    short shaggy haircuts

    Curly girls with scruffy hair look beautiful. If you want to try something a little different, dye your hair black with silver undertones for a tinsel sheen that will last all year.

    14. Thin Layers

    short shaggy haircuts

    Wearing it all one length is the easiest path to a boring shag haircut. Ask your hairdresser for short layers, then use your fingers to create a voluminous zig-zag part.

    15. Pixie Shag

    short shaggy haircuts

    Do you have fine, straight hair? By integrating shaggy, jagged layers, you may take a flat, one-dimensional pixie cut to the next level. Use an all-over texturizing spray and texture paste on the ends to achieve that separated piecey effect for lift and volume. One of the benefits of a shortcut is that you can wear a headband for a little more sparkle without appearing like you’re 12!

    16. Short Shag Blunt Cut

    short shaggy haircuts

    Next time you go to the salon, have a pixie cut, but leave enough length for a scruffy look. The harsh, straight-across nape line and angled sideburns give the cut a distinct look that distinguishes it from other short shag haircuts.

    17. Short and Wavy Blonde

    short shaggy haircuts

    This shag haircut is quite adaptable since it can be combined with different styles to create something spectacular. In our following model, you can see an example of a one-of-a-kind creation. She combined a shag with a bob. She is also utilising highlights. This combination results in a look that exudes class and elegance.

    18. Short Shag with Curtain Bangs

    short shaggy haircuts

    Shorter shags are preferable for thinner hair since the varying lengths provide volume. This short layered choppy shag is both boyish and daring. However, the curtain bangs and wispy, thinned-out ends soften it and add a feminine touch.

    19. Tapered Shaggy Chocolate Brown Bob

    short shaggy haircuts

    The layered, tousled top pieces and longish bangs provide a boyish aspect to the tapered haircut, while the side pieces fall over the ears and hug the neck and jawline for a more feminine effect. Sweep your bangs to one side while wearing a haircut with bangs so that everyone can see your attractive eyes.

    20. Stacked Shag with Deep Side Part

    short shaggy haircuts

    For people with thicker hair, a stacked bob with lengthy, jagged layers is ideal. Shaggy layers eliminate superfluous bulk and weight, resulting in loads of volume that is yet manageable.

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