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20 Coolest Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

    hair color ideas for short hair

    Changing your hair color ideas for short hair is one of the finest methods to update your look. Color styles that look best on short hair are not usually the same as those that look best on longer hair. But don’t worry. This isn’t to say that lovely hair colour is exclusive for individuals with long, flowing locks!

    While there may not be enough vertical room for a progressive fade on short hair, shadow roots look great. Highlights, babylights, and lowlights also look great, drawing attention to the edges of your short haircut.

    Consider hues that complement your skin tone, as well as whether you have cold or warm undertones, while selecting a good shade. The perfect hair colour may bring out the colour in your complexion, lips, and eyes. If in doubt, seek the advice of a professional colorist or go for a semi-permanent dye to get a fresh hue with minimal commitment.

    We’ve gathered the greatest examples of short coloured hair to help you decide on a new look. Which colour scheme will you choose?

    People with pixies and bobs can confirm that the best hair colour choices for short hair aren’t usually the same as those for long hair. You have to be clever with your style when you don’t have 12 inches of hair to hide behind. A super gradual ombré may not be possible, and working in some dimension will require a bit more thought. Fortunately, a few skilled colorists provided us with some insider information on how to obtain the most desirable short hair colours. Continue reading for their guidance and some significant short hair colour ideas for your next salon visit.

    1. Dimensional Blonde

    Coolest Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

    The usual rule of thumb for shorter hair is that the less vertical space there is to make a horizontal graduation, the shorter the hair.” Rez depends on “the high and lowlight effect rather than a super-smoked-out root that fades severely into ultra-light ends” to produce the depth and movement that makes for a great hair colour, which is excellently represented here.

    2. Burgundy

    Coolest Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

    This hair colour is a dark red and purple blend. This is a clever hair colour that looks best on dark skin complexions since it is bold. Wear immaculate makeup and you’ll be fine.

    3. Edgy Lavender Pixie

    Coolest Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

    Two of our favourite hair colour trends are silver and lavender. And seeing them look so good together in an edgy pixie crop puts us even more in love with them. The clever use of colour gives the slightly boyish chop a feminine and ethereal edge.

    4. Blonde with a Natural Base

    Coolest Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

    Suggests using your natural base colour as a canvas and adding lowlights and warm pieces near to the brightest blonde strands. “That way, we won’t get a stripy effect with too much contrast,” he explains.

    5. Short Hair Balayage

    Coolest Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

    Balayage with short hair creates a natural statement, and the jagged texture draws attention to the cool blonde bits. As shown in this look, this colouring process gives dimension to short hair and accentuates layers and structure.

    6. Biscotti Blonde Bob

    Coolest Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

    Biscotti blonde is a beautiful neutral colour that complements all complexion tones. This dishevelled bob is brimming with amazing texture and volume, but the true star has to be the colour placement. Just look at how those lightened ends complement the carefree bedhead appearance—a genuine depiction of “I woke up like this” if ever we saw one.

    7. Ultra Violet Modern Pixie

    Coolest Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

    This short haircut and colour really stand out. The combination of hot pink and purple is not only wonderfully mixed to achieve an ultra violet finish, but the modern cut complements the colour well. The jagged undercut provides definition and angles, but the lengthier, gently styled bangs keep it feminine.

    8. Rainbow Bangs

    Coolest Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

    These middle-parted curtain bangs are adorable as a style, but they look much better in rainbow. And the pastel rainbow streak to frame the face? Artistry at its finest.

    9. Stacked Bob with Balayage

    Coolest Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

    The chocolate tones of this brown balayage on short hair are really stunning. This subtle mix, which is more modern than ombre, emphasises the texture and gives volume to the inverted bob.

    10. Butter Blonde

    Coolest Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

    Scott’s recommendation for shoulder-length strands? A classic butter blonde, as seen here on the always-beautiful Hailey Bieber.

    11. Choppy Platinum Pixie

    Coolest Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

    Short and choppy hairstyles appear whimsical and feminine, especially with platinum blonde highlights. The stark contrast between the natural black undercut and the platinum layers heightens the drama.

    12. Rusty Brunette

    Coolest Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

    “Stop running away from red undertones,” Rez advises brunettes. You may fight it all you want, but it’s necessary for making a pop.

    13. Textured Ashy Layers

    Coolest Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

    On short hair, lovely ombre layers of brown blending into ashy blonde look fantastic. The hue is given even more depth and clarity when coupled with a side parting and choppy layers.

    14. Cool-Toned Blonde

    Coolest Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

    This stunning example of cool blonde balayage demonstrates that short hair can pull off the look just as well as long hair. In fact, we might prefer the shorter iteration even more. Look at how adorable it looks as a textured bob!

    15. Choppy Copper Hairstyle

    Coolest Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

    The harmonious combination of copper, ginger, and gold is almost too good to be true. This short hair colour looks great on light complexion tones, and the jagged cut combines the colours, adding richness and movement.

    16. Honey Bob

    Coolest Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

    Scott’s option for short hair colour inspiration? Beyonce herself. “I love that deep honey/golden ‘Beyoncé tones,'” he says, “kind of like a beautiful rich leather tone that has faded over time.

    17. Blonde Undercut with Shadow Roots

    Coolest Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

    Blonde highlights in short hair provide movement and dimension to the layers, while shadow roots emphasise the undercut. In this haircut, a cool blonde hair colour gives it a luminous and beautiful finish.

    18. Platinum Pink

    Coolest Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

    A soft, faded pastel is the perfect way to dabble in colourful hues without going full-on rainbow if that’s not your thing. This shaggy style has the best of all worlds: it’s still platinum blonde, but it’s also pink-washed. Whatever you choose to name it, it’s a stunning appearance.

    19. Half and Half Color on Short Hair

    Coolest Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

    A jagged boyish cut may be strongly complemented with a half and half hair colour suggestion! There is no need to colour your entire head; simply adding highlights to a small portion of your hair may transform an ordinary appearance into an exceptional one. The combination of light and dark brown matches the skin tone, providing a lovely everyday appearance.

    20. Warm Highlights and Lowlights

    Coolest Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

    strategically placed warm lowlights will connect your darkest base to the lightest highlight in a multidimensional way. We love how this technique plays out in warm tones like the ones pictured here.

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