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15 Stylish Comb Over Haircuts For Men

    comb over haircut

    Comb over hairstyles today are not the same as they were in the 1980s or 1990s. If you’re picturing the classic middle-aged appearance of putting a few strands of hair over a thinning patch or bald spot, you’re looking in the wrong direction.

    There are so many different types of comb-overs on this list that you are sure to discover one that complements your style and hair type. There are short looks, longer looks, haircuts with hard portions, and others that are so classic you’ll want to get your hair cut right now. So, after reviewing this list, call your hairdresser or barber today and schedule your next appointment.

    A comb over fade haircut can be worn in a variety of ways. A comb over is a flexible, stylish hairstyle that is suitable for various hair types (straight, wavy, or curly) as well as different face features. Depending on how short you want your sides trimmed, you may have a high, low, or mid fade comb over with this haircut. Then, for a more defined style, experiment with the hair on top and perhaps create a side part.

    Comb Over Haircut

    The key to selecting a complementing comb over hairstyle is to ensure that it complements your face angles and showcases your features. With a cut like this, there’s nothing to hide behind, and the appearance necessitates styling and maintenance. Keeping this in mind, below are some of the most fashionable comb overs. Which one will become your new hallmark look?

    1. Tapered and Tidy

    comb over haircut

    Not all comb over hairstyles are outrageous. This is a great example of a tidy, tapering comb over. It’s more of a comb through. By finger-combing the hair up and slightly forward, you can achieve the same look as a faux hawk. The hair is somewhat spiked in the front instead of a pompadour.

    2. Comb Over Fade with Line Up

    comb over haircut

    The comb over is a traditional design, but when you add a fade to it, it becomes a very current style. A comb over fade transforms a normally conservative haircut into a stunning new appearance. Starting the lineup at or below the side part displays a subtle transition from part to fade.

    3. Comb Over High Fade

    comb over haircut

    The high fade is often known as a “undercut” appearance since it emphasises the length of your hair on top the most. The sides are often untapered, with a clean bald fade occurring one inch above the top of the ear. Because the transition to the top is extremely sudden, there isn’t much area for tapering.

    4. Messy Slick Back Haircut

    comb over haircut

    The first is this slicked back hairstyle. To get this look, start with a small fade that merges into a longer layer on top. They also have a neatly groomed beard here, so if you can grow one, it will add to your look even more.

    5. Chic and to the Side

    comb over haircut

    This hairstyle does not have as much height. It has a more preppy vibe to it, making it an excellent corporate cut. The sides are not as short. Simply comb your hair with a hint of a part to complete the look.

    6. Slicked Over Haircut with Deep Part

    comb over haircut

    A comb over and deep part is a daring method to express yourself. Sharply cut the sides into a very low skin fade to give the impression of a razor cut. To keep the front hair looking clean and intact, you’ll need some hair product.

    7. Comb Over Taper Fade

    comb over haircut

    This fade is similarly high, generally transitioning exactly at the top of the ear, with a firm section at the top and tapering sides. Hair on top can be longer, but barbers usually style it straight back or coiffed to the other side of your part.

    8. Classic Brush Back Comb Over Taper Haircuts for Men

    comb over haircut

    Then there’s this traditional brushed-back combover look. This is a haircut that looks great on males with thick hair. The more hair you have, the more volume you can add. Invest in a decent hair gel or paste to keep your hair looking fresh and in place all day.

    9. Subtly Slicked Back

    comb over haircut

    With this subtle take on the combed over crop, any man will look as good as Chris Hemsworth. The various lengths mix together well. This is an excellent comb-and-go style. It only requires a small amount of product and possibly a spritz of hairspray.

    10. Quiff with Side Part and Edgy Beard

    comb over haircut

    This razor fade haircut with a beard, like a Bandholdz beard, looks great with a comb over and will turn a lot of heads. The razor fade is taller in the beginning than a more conservative fade haircut and integrates well with the beard. If you dislike using hair products, this is an excellent option for you.

    11. Shadow Fade Comb Over Taper Haircuts for Men

    comb over haircut

    A shadow fade is a type of men’s fade haircut method. A shadow fade is a hairstyle in which the hair begins lighter and blends into the longer layer on top. They also left enough hair on top to be able to brush it over in a comb-over style.

    12. Close Cropped Sides

    comb over haircut

    The men’s undercut is one of the sexiest hairstyles a guy can have right now. It has the ability to make ladies swoon like nothing else. It’s not just one of the most popular comb over styles, but it’s also one of the most universally flattering. Request that the barber maintain the top long enough. The idea is to wear it this way, with the hair softly brushed back from the face

    13. Long On Top Short On Sides Haircut

    comb over haircut

    When you want to seem like a gentleman, a short comb over is ideal. You may style your hair in a sophisticated long on top, short on sides style that is no longer than an inch long. All you need is some pomade and a brush to keep it looking good.

    14. Comb Over Low Fade

    comb over haircut

    This is a classic comb over with a modern twist. Instead of going all the way around on the sides, the hair is faded with the transition occurring at or below the middle of your ear. If you have a beard, this is a better transition.

    15. Mid-Fade Comb Over Taper Haircuts for Men

    comb over haircut

    Mid fades haircuts will leave your hair beautifully trimmed, giving you confidence. This is a cool comb-over style that keeps the hair on top long and combed back while trimming the remainder of the hair around the natural hairline.

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