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15 Incredible Blowout Haircut for Men

    blowout haircut

    In the 1990s, blowout haircuts became trendy. They were commonly referred to as taper fades. They later became well-known as a result of Pauly-D from the MTV reality programme Shore Fame. He coined the term “blowout” to describe a variant on the taper fade. So, owing to Pauly-D, this style resurfaced in the 2000s.

    There were even themed blowout events. Pauly-D made public appearances to demonstrate how to make a blowout hairdo. Italian Americans, South Asian Americans, and Mexican Americans adopted the look. However, if done correctly, any man will look beautiful with this haircut.

    Do you have a big date tonight? Or do you simply want to pamper yourself with a magnificent blowout? In either case, we’ve got you covered! Continue reading for a flawless blowout. We’ve all walked into a salon with great expectations, only to leave with a haircut that falls flat.

    Protective hairstyles are a powerful and daring approach to keep your hair appearing fashionable. A blowout haircut, on the other hand, will move you beyond of your comfort zone and provide you a one-of-a-kind style personalised to you.

    What is a Blowout Haircut?

    The fundamental draw of blowouts is that no two types are same. It’s one of the few looks that appears different depending on your hair type and is simple to do on your own. You may create an afro or a pack of succinct yet free-flowing tendrils on top of your head by extending your hair from the roots with a brush and hairdryer.

    Blowout haircuts are a way for Black men and women to celebrate the texture, culture, and originality of their hair. In the 1990s, blowouts and temple fades were popular hairstyles for males. However, the style remained relatively low-key until reality personality Pauly D from “Jersey Shore” popularised his blowout.  It’s become a dynamic and powerhouse hairstyle ever since.

    How to Style a Blowout Haircut?

    This hairstyle works whether your hair is damp after a fast shower or dried. To prevent your hair from heat damage, use a thermal protector shampoo and conditioner, oil, spray, or other product.

    After completing either of the preceding methods, detangle your hair with your preferred detangling comb. As you brush and dry your hair at the same time, detangling removes knots and reduces breakage.

    When you’re ready, use the brush to draw your hair up from the roots to the edge. Simultaneously, move the blow-dryer in a tangent with the brush. The blow dryer should hover above your hair rather than rest immediately on top of it. Rep this process as needed. The finished product should look like you plugged your finger into an electric socket, hence the name blowout.

    1. Thick Curly Hair

    blowout haircut

    This is a fascinating hairstyle for men with thick and fine hair. The powerful curls on top are complemented with a short fade at the sideburns and a curved sightline around the neck. Your locks will look great with a beard.

    2. Curly Blowout

    blowout haircut

    A curly blowout haircut will bring those ringlets to life. First, apply a style crème to damp hair to keep those curls in place. A short blow dry can also give your hair a lot of lift. Allow your bangs to come forward on your forehead if you have them.

    3. Stand Up Blowed Wavy Strands

    blowout haircut

    Why not go for a more mad scientist-inspired blowout? This design accomplishes just that, thanks to the increased length on the upper sides! The wavy, sloppy top is fun and young.

    4. Spiky Blow

    blowout haircut

    A bushy blowout is a hairstyle with short, textured layers. The layers are trimmed to seem broader and thicker. This style is ideal for those with thin or fine hair because it can add volume and texture.

    5. Frizzy Puerto Rican Blowout Haircut

    blowout haircut

    Men of colour like experimenting with the blowout hairdo as well. To blend in with the soft spools of frizzy hair, this example chooses a taper along the forehead, towards the sideburns, and around the back.

    6. High Blowout

    blowout haircut

    A high blowout haircut is appropriate for men with hair that is three inches or longer. Your best chance is to cut your hair short on the sides so that the hair on top has all of the movement and substance.

    7. Finger Combed Blowout

    blowout haircut

    Do you have longer hair that gets in your eyes and distracts you as you move? Instead of chopping it, think about learning how to style it! Just a few measures, such as applying a volumizing mousse to the roots and blow drying the hair with a thin round brush, may make a significant impact. The trick is in how you hold the hairdryer and the angle at which you deliver the airflow: simply remember to always hold your drier facing your way to smooth the hair back.

    8. Natural Blowout

    blowout haircut

    Natural haircuts are exactly what they sound like: your hair is left unprocessed, with no chemicals or heat styling. Natural haircuts are therefore low-maintenance and gentle on your hair, making them an excellent choice if you have a sensitive scalp or damaged hair.

    9. Low-Key Blowout Haircut

    blowout haircut

    Natural curly hair does half the job for an amazing blowout. Coat an activator gel through your curls to keep them defined, and then let your hair air dry naturally. Once it’s mostly dried, seal the deal with a fast blow-dry.

    10. Wavy Layers

    blowout haircut

    Your hair should already have some layers to achieve the full effect of this blowout haircut with waves. A little style crème will separate each section of hair, giving this look a lot of structure. Swoop it all to one side for maximum effect.

    11. Almost Blow Out

    blowout haircut

    Here’s another short-sides blowout, this time with some light facial hair. Take note of the defined notch trimmed into the temple hairline for added angularity.

    12. Afro Blowout Haircut

    blowout haircut

    Those with natural African-American hair can benefit immensely from his style, which gives their hair a wonderful, voluminous aspect. The Afro Dreads Blowout’s adaptability lets you to change up your appearance whenever you desire.

    13. Tapered Blowout

    blowout haircut

    The most fashionable men’s fashions today are tapered cuts. The hair is trimmed short on the sides and has wonderful length on top. Make a tapered blowout hairstyle for added height and personality.

    14. Classic Blowout with Medium Strands

    blowout haircut

    This can be discarded, but the medium strands with no texture keep everything chilled. Following that, the sides are not tapered to provide a very equitable look with the clutter that also appears sophisticated. Thin hair with a few hair products looks lustrous and smooth.

    15. Pompadour Blowout

    blowout haircut

    With this elegant blowout pompadour, you may seem your most refined. Hair on the sides of the head should be buzzed, with a deep side part on one side. To achieve maximum height, begin the pompadour directly at the root.

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