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15 Greatest Silver Hair Color Ideas of 2023

    silver hair

    The silver hair trend is as much an attitude as it is a hair colour, and it is no longer limited to “the elderly.” Silver is trendy, attractive, edgy, and elegant. Women of all ages are sporting silver hairstyles ranging from brilliant platinums to smoky greys.

    A excellent purple shampoo treatment will keep your colour lasting longer if you’re wondering how to preserve silver hair. However, because silver requires a lot of attention, you should consult with your stylist or colorist about your individual maintenance needs.

    Silver hair colour, historically associated only with natural greying, is now widely accepted by people of all ages. While silver hair is not the same as grey hair, it has grown in favour as a result of the inclusion and anti-ageism trend. Continue reading for the greatest silver hair ideas and care suggestions! Many ladies feel self-conscious about their silver hair. They look for a hairdo that would assist them fit in with the classic look. However, there is a better answer to the styling problem: a silver-colored hairdo.

    It is also stylish, providing the woman a stunning appearance. This haircut will give you the youthful appearance you’ve always desired. After this, you may proudly show off your silver locks. Here are the 30 greatest silver hairstyles to attempt this year. After reading this list, you will reconsider your stance on greying hair. The hair colour ash blonde is a cool-toned blonde with smoky, dusty undertones. It can also provide a soft pastel tint for a more trendy look. Rachel Saxon is an Austin, Texas-based senior stylist. She proves that even ladies with opposing hair hues can pull off this colour.

    “When you have coloured hair, don’t anticipate immediate results. It may take two or more sessions to get the desired tone while ensuring the hair’s health. “Dark virgin hair may take less time, but it depends on your texture and density,” Saxon says. It takes time and care to get ashy tones. If you don’t like the notion of gradually growing lighter, you can request a test strand.

    How Сan I Get Silver Hair?

    If you’re wondering how to colour your hair silver, there are two options depending on where you start. If you have some natural grey in your hair, you may choose to add lighter bleached bits to highlight the hue. To get the silver hue from scratch, your hair must first be pre-lightened before being toned into a very cold shade. Maintaining the depth and clean cool colour between salon visits would involve some work in both cases, such as using a toner on a regular basis and washing your hair with silver shampoo.

    1. Silver Blonde Pixie Cut

    silver hair

    The contrast between the black roots and the brilliant ice strands gives this short, layered pixie more character and volume. Silver blonde is ideal for folks with olive skin tones since it draws all attention to your facial features.

    2. Side Part Highlighted Straight Hair

    silver hair

    Do you have fine, straight hair? Using a dark colour, highlight a few strands in between. Part them on the side. Cut a couple layers at the bottom and pull them over one shoulder. Voila! Your hairdo is complete!

    3. Long Silver Color Hair

    silver hair

    Long, all-over silver locks look quite gorgeous, but this hair colour would need a certain degree of dedication. Although it is easier for those who are already blonde, it may be more difficult for natural brunettes since darker hair must first be bleached to a very light degree.

    4. Wavy Burgundy Highlights with Bangs

    silver hair

    A stylish silver haircut with layers trimmed to the shoulders. Have a few strands of burgundy hair around the ear. Get bangs that reach your brows. Bring the layers over the ears to make the face appear broader.

    5. Silver Balayage Bob

    silver hair

    This silver hair colour looks incredibly magnificent, seamlessly blended and icy chilly. While you would need to use purple shampoo on a monthly basis to keep this cool tone, the benefit of the balayage process is that it grows out naturally and looks great for months.

    6. Fish Braid Middle Length Hairstyle

    silver hair

    Do you have abundant hair? Make this basic silver hairstyle by fish braiding the hair from the top down. To achieve a messy look, keep the braid loose and leave some strands out.

    7. Bleached Blonde with Silver Tones

    silver hair

    Have you been platinum blonde for years and want to try something new with your hair? To keep up with the trend, ask your hairstylist to apply a cooler, more silvery toner.

    8. Side Twisted Straight Hair

    silver hair

    Make the side hair silver. Begin twisting the hair on one side toward the sideburns. Continue to twist until you reach the rear of one side. Tie it at one end and let the other end open. There will be a one-of-a-kind blend of white and black.

    9. Metallic Silver Look

    silver hair

    You don’t have to be blonde to flaunt the silver hair trend, but your hair will still need to be pre-lightened if you want a deeper silver colour. To eliminate brassiness and yellow tones, lighten your natural brown base to a very modest degree.

    10. Straight Short White Hair

    silver hair

    Do you have short hair? Cut the front hair to the jawline, then lengthen it to the shoulder. Without adding any layers, part your hair in the middle and comb it straight. Cover your ears to draw attention to your face.

    11. Platinum Silver Hair

    silver hair

    The ultimate hair aim is those relaxed silver beachy waves. For the ultimate Daenerys hairstyle, sweep your hair back and add some French braids.

    12. White Highlights Long Layered Locks

    silver hair

    Another basic long hairstyle is to separate the hair in the centre and cut it in a couple of layers at the bottom. White highlights the hair at the ends. Curl them to create a wave effect.

    13. Green Highlighted Ends with Angled Bob

    silver hair

    Another unusual silver hairstyle is an angled bob with larger length in front and lesser length in behind. The ends should be highlighted in bright green. Make a middle part in your hair and curl it slightly.

    14. Subtle Silver Highlights

    silver hair

    We respect it because not everyone is able to truly embrace the metallic hair trend. You might, however, attempt a milder version with soft platinum hair colour. If your strands are light enough, a cool toner or even purple shampoo will suffice.

    15. Light White-Burgundy Wavy Long Hair

    silver hair

    Do you like long hair? If so, choose a light burgundy with white hue along the length. At the end, cut them evenly without any layers. Make a side part and add some waves to the cheek line.

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