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15 Gorgeous Black Hair With Highlights

    black hair with highlights

    Black hair with highlights is stunning and very fashionable right now. Highlights on dark hair, regardless of your favourite hair colour ideas, bring depth, brightness, appeal, and sophistication to women’s hairstyles. There are several black hair with highlights choices to explore, ranging from light or dark brown to blonde, red, caramel, ombre, platinum, copper, and burgundy. We’ve listed examples of the finest ways to wear dark hair and highlights to help you find a variant that works with your skin tone, hair type, and personal style. These styles are a terrific place to start before going to the salon if you want streaks, lowlights, balayage, partial or full highlights on black hair.

    The beauty of black hair is undeniable. However, plain black hair may be really dull at times. Consider having highlights if you want to bring some vitality into your black mane. Highlighting them may give them a stylish shining alteration without compromising their gorgeous basic hue. Choosing the proper highlights might be difficult, but we’ve made it easier by bringing you 40 amazing black hairstyles with various highlights.

    Black hair with highlights has a dark foundation with brighter accents. Depending on the method used, the outcome might be subtle and natural-looking or dramatic and high contrast. Summer Rowan, a hair artist from Upstate South Carolina, reveals the top three questions you should ask an expert first.

    Does this suit your way of life? Will it go well with your skin tone? Keep in mind that some colours might seem really harsh on you. Finally, inquire as to whether it will fade and how it will appear in the long term. Discover how to deal with or avoid the fading process. “Hairstylists like providing candid comments. “They can inform you if your selected colour isn’t the greatest for you, even though that’s what you wanted,” Rowan explains. Maintenance is critical, and the things you use at home are important. Color-safe shampoos and conditioners can keep the colour looking vibrant and lasting longer.

    “I suggest a moisturising shampoo like Oribe Gold Lust or Sevens Kente Bond.” “It’s also important to use a hair mask once a week,” Rowan says. Adding highlights to your dark hair may make a significant difference. It’s a good idea to bring some photo ideas to your stylist to ensure that you’re both on the same page. Black Hair With Highlights Knowing what colour highlights to use and how many to utilise is critical for the greatest potential effect. We’ve compiled a list of 40 classic highlights that will look great on black hair.

    1. Subtle Pink Highlights

    Black hair with highlights

    If you want to make a modest difference to your shoulder-length black hair, try these pink highlights. Simply tint one side near your ear with pink and curl your hair in all directions. A slight side part will complement your highlights.

    2. Blue Bayalage Highlights

    Black hair with highlights

    With this unique hue, you may make your black hair appear new and interesting. Keep your roots black and add a blue tint as you move along the length. Curl your tips away from your face and split your hair to the side for a sophisticated look.

    3. Black Hair with Caramel Highlights

    Black hair with highlights

    Caramel highlights may provide a warm gloss and further depth to females with black hair, especially when done as an ombre. For a trendy, timeless, and natural appearance, add hints of caramel to your dark tresses, with bigger highlights on the bottom and fewer as you work your way up to the roots. With this highlighted masterpiece, you’ll appear as sweet as candy.

    4. Black Hair with Blonde Ombre Highlights

    Black hair with highlights

    Consider blonde ombre highlights that run from the root to the tip of your black hair to truly shake things up. The lightening should highlight your face features and breathe fresh vitality into your original hue. To honour and accept the ombre aesthetic, gradually deepen the highlight. The end result is a look that is effortlessly sun-kissed and gorgeous.

    5. Black Hair with Blonde Highlights

    Black hair with highlights

    If you want to explore with lighter tones, a black and blonde combo is classic. Highlight your dark hair with bits of blonde. This stylish look is completed by a textured short haircut with a side part.

    6. Streak Highlights

    Black hair with highlights

    Going for a daring look? Get an undercut and let your long hair on top fall over your brow. You’re ready to go when you add chunky caramel highlights to your side-swept strands.

    7. Black Hair with Brown Highlights

    Black hair with highlights

    Brown highlights may elevate your black hair to new heights. You may compliment your dark hair with dark or light brown highlights that are modern, stunning, and strong. Traces of brown mixed throughout your black hair will make it appear thicker and fuller, while also providing a sensual shine. Caramel and chocolate brown streaks can also be used to make a more daring fashion statement. Finally, black and brown hair provides a natural-looking contrast that you’ll like.

    8. Platinum Highlights on Black Hair

    Black hair with highlights

    Talk to your hairdresser about platinum highlights on black hair for the ultimate contemporary colour combo. Although it requires more maintenance and platinum highlights can be costly, this hue can make your black hair seem edgy, seductive, and incredibly fresh. Request that your hairdresser begin the platinum colouring from the root and progressively integrate to the ends. Invest in some silver toner and purple shampoo for proper hair care and upkeep.

    9. Caramel Curls

    Black hair with highlights

    This haircut can make your thick curly tresses stand out. With a sophisticated side part, you may add caramel highlights to your dark strands. This look gives your face a gentle shine and complements all skin tones.

    10. Highlights on Short Hair

    Black hair with highlights

    This is the look for you if you want a simplistic hairdo. Add grey and ash blonde highlights instead of a single colour for a distinct effect. This short style will give your face a simple and cute appearance.

    11. Honey Blonde Highlights on Black Hair

    Black hair with highlights

    Highlights of honey blonde on black hair are like a breath of fresh air. These beachy highlights range from honey brown to blonde and provide accents of natural brightness to any type of black hair. The honey hue works best as a dark-to-light transition, with honey blonde streaks sprinkled over your locks for an earthy accent.

    12. Mermaid Hair

    Black hair with highlights

    This haircut has a mermaid touch to it. Maintain dark roots and add turquoise bayalage highlights all the way down. Curl your hair for a lively appearance. A flower headpiece would undoubtedly complement your romantic outfit.

    13. Copper Highlights on Black Hair

    Black hair with highlights

    Copper highlights with a reddish tinge look fantastic and fashionable on black hair. Whether you choose for bold streaks or delicate shimmers throughout your hair, copper is eye-catching and adds a little sparkle. Feel free to add one or two subtle golden accents to the mix for a three-tone effect.

    14. Rainbow Hair

    Black hair with highlights

    With this trendy haircut, you may combine your black hair with all the hues of the rainbow. With a side part, add rainbow highlights on one side of your face. Add textured waves to your short strands to complete the look.

    15. Full Highlights on Black Hair

    Black hair with highlights

    Full highlights, as opposed to partial streaks visible over the bottom half of the head, are included from root to finish and look wonderful on black hair. Women with naturally dark hair can add complete light, medium, or dark brown highlights to offer diversity without becoming dominating. This look is a great way to highlight the lustre and glitter of your black hair while also experimenting with colour.

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