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15 Cutest Side Bangs Trending Right Now

    side bangs

    Trying on bangs and failing is a rite of passage in the life of many women. If only someone had advocated side bangs rather than straight-across bangs!

    This lovely hair accessory is the most adaptable in the world since side bangs fit every haircut and every face shape. They give balance and intrigue where it is most required, whether worn short or long.

    Sitting at home as your bangs grow out without the assistance of a hairstylist might be inconvenient. Going with the flow and transitioning into side bangs is one of your options. Prepare to pull out the scissors and take control of the situation. This style shift may be a game changer, allowing you to sport a fresh hairdo without having to do anything. Or perhaps you already have full bangs and want to make the leap to side bangs. That’s also cool!

    Side bangs are a game changer for all hairstyles since they help to contour your face. It is impossible to obtain the right final appearance that every haircut requires without bangs. The wonderful thing about bangs is their adaptability; regardless of your hair type or face shape, several styles of hair bangs will help you pull off a fashionable appearance. Here are some great side bangs ideas to help you obtain the perfect haircut and appear as stunning as ever.

    How to Cut Your Own Side Bangs

    We cover how to cut side bangs, how to transition from full to side bang styles, and we present an inspiring gallery to get you encouraged to sport this trend in our thorough guide to everything side bangs. Continue reading:

    1. Micro Bangs

    side bangs

    A short bob hairstyle is an excellent method to highlight your jawline and neck. This style is enhanced by the side-swept micro bangs. This simple hairdo is simple to maintain and provides you a stylish image.

    2. Side Bangs Short with a Pixie

    side bangs

    We’re loving all of the pixie variants we’ve been seeing lately. There are several trendy ways to wear this short cut, ranging from spiky to a shaved undercut. Another interesting option is to experiment with length by aiming for a side bang that covers your brow. Place it on your favourite side and, if desired, clip it back with bobby pins.

    3. Side-Swept Bangs with Feathered Hair

    side bangs

    If you’re seeking for a casual haircut that fits nicely with bangs, go no further than this feathery cut with side-swept bangs. To achieve this hairstyle, you must have your hair cut in layers with curled volume at the ends. The side-swept bangs complement this hairstyle well since they curve your face. This hairstyle is appropriate for any occasion and is simple to create and wear.

    4. Tousled Side Fringe

    side bangs

    This dishevelled fringe gives sparse hair extra volume. A few strands stay on the brow, while the rest is brushed to the side. The use of babylights enhances this appearance even further. This look can be maintained by simply brushing your fingers.

    5. Side Bangs with Long Hair

    side bangs

    Long hair and bangs are a cool combination that you can amp up by flipping your side bang style. Using your curling iron, flip your hair upwards to achieve this fierce yet dramatic look.

    6. Messy Bun Featuring Side Bangs

    side bangs

    If you want to wear something basic but trendy, you’ve come to the right place. This messy bun with side bangs hairstyle is ideal for anybody looking for a carefree look. To get this look, collect all of your hair and wrap it in a sloppy untidy bun at the base of your neck. Your side bangs will remain on one side of your hair, adding depth to your bun. This hairstyle looks great on long hair and is ideal for wearing to the gym or on a casual day at school or college.

    7. Wavy Pixie

    side bangs

    With this cool hairstyle, you can bring the ocean waves to your head. Get a pixie cut that is just long enough to cover your ears and has beautiful wavy side bangs in front. This look will be completed by the minty green hair color.

    8. Side Bangs on Medium Hair

    side bangs

    Power to the lob, right? If you want to experiment with this popular look without making a large chop, the side bang may be ideal. We adore how the side bang style frames your face and highlights your features while yet maintaining this cool-girl vibe. Spray a little Suave Dry Texture Finishing Spray on this style to add texture and volume.

    9. Curly Bob with Swept Back Bangs

    side bangs

    Bangs look fantastic on short hair, especially bob cuts. If you love bob haircuts, try this Curly bob with swept-back bangs hairstyle. This haircut has a layered cut with flowing curls. The free curls wrap around your hair, adding volume. Finally, sweep your side bangs backward to integrate them with your wavy layers. This is the ideal appearance to wear to a formal dinner or a wedding. What more could a girl want than something simple and stylish?

    10. Barely-There Bangs

    side bangs

    Getting bangs does not usually necessitate getting a complete fringe. This hairstyle is great for ladies over 50 who desire a delicate long fringe with a short haircut.

    11. Faux Side Bangs

    side bangs

    Or perhaps you’re not ready to commit but would like to test the waters with a side bang. You may simply incorporate this into your appearance by brushing your hair to the side and swooping it. Pin it back into a half-updo or ponytail to experiment with side bangs.

    12. Bangs with Long Loose Ponytail

    side bangs

    Bangs with a low, loose ponytail are the most trendy and sophisticated hairstyles you can get. To get this look, draw all of your hair back and fix it in a low ponytail at the base of your head. Wrap a strand of hair around your pony to conceal the hair knot. After you’ve finished with the pony, let your side bangs hang loose, but keep them trimmed a little short near your forehead. This hairdo is ideal for an evening dinner appearance. You may also wear it to work as a daily appearance because it gives both elegance and comfort.

    13. Marilyn Monroe Look

    side bangs

    This haircut is reminiscent of the renowned actress. The short bob is rolled inwards, and the front bangs are swooped to the side to create a feathery effect. This is an excellent choice for those seeking a vintage-inspired look with bangs.

    14. Deep Side Swept Bangs

    side bangs

    If you want fringe that covers most of your forehead while still having a side-swept look, this is the style for you. Request side bangs that begin with a deep side part from your stylist.

    15. Straight Hair with Side-Swept Bangs

    side bangs

    Do you want something basic but stylish? Choose this hairstyle: Sleek Straight Hair with Side-swept Bangs. This has to be one of the most beautiful and excellent haircuts of 2020. Simply straighten your hair with a professional hair straightening iron and place your bangs to the side. To obtain this elegant style, get shoulder-length hair and bangs trimmed at the level of your nose. Apply some hair spray and shine to your hair to keep it straight and shiny.

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