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15 Classic and Cute Brushed Back Hairstyles for Men

    brushed back hairstyles

    Brushed back hairstyles are not a new innovation, but they have recently gained popularity. With the addition of pomades and wax products to men’s styling statements, brushed back hairstyles have gained popularity with adaptable and diverse appearances that may be created liberally.

    Some men’s haircuts are fleeting, lasting only a few years. These passing trends die out as a fashion wave passes, and they lack the effect to stand the test of time. Others remain fashionable for decades and are unrivalled classic styles. That is exactly what slicked back hair is.

    While slicked back hair has been around for well over a century, it gained prominence in the 1950s with styles like the pompadour. Slicked back hair is now popular among both elegant men who prefer its retro mood and modern men who desire a polished hairdo.

    Slicking back hair is a highly adaptable method. It works well with most hair types and facial shapes and can be applied to a range of hairstyles. Consider slicking back your hair as the secret sauce of your favourite hairstyle. The only thing stopping you from rocking a slicked back undercut or a slicked back side part is your creativity.

    How to Style the Brushed Back Hairstyles

    Because slicked back hair may be worn with a variety of haircuts, we’ll simply cover the styling method. To add a touch of sophistication, start with practically any haircut and smooth back the hair.

    Start with moist hair that has been towel-dried after a shower. Scoop out a little quantity of pomade, around the size of a small coin (an American cent is a good starting point), and massage it into your hair with your fingers. Check that the pomade just coats your hair, not your scalp.

    Slicking should be done in a fluid manner toward the back of your head. After that, use a comb and smooth the hair back. Begin with the comb directly above your brow and work your way back until you reach your crown. After the initial slick back, you can add more to ensure your hair is resting properly. The best results will be obtained by using a comb. If your hair isn’t keeping put, try a blow dryer or a little hairspray to assist it remain put.

    1. Slick Back Fade

    brushed back hairstyles

    This is a fashionable brushed back haircut. This fade style has tapered sides and back, giving it a 21st-century twist on the classic appearance. Great for long hair, and your outfit will also play a role in how you present this look. Get this brush back hairstyle right now.

    2. Finger Combed Back Swept

    brushed back hairstyles

    The smooth back with a contemporary twist. Close to the quiff, this one seems extremely Rock ‘n Roll, yet in a totally relaxing way.

    3. Slick Back Bun

    brushed back hairstyles

    When you want a relaxed style that takes less than a minute to put together, comb your hair back and pin your long strands in a long smooth bun. You may complete this look with a pair of glasses.

    4. Modern Slick Back Hair

    brushed back hairstyles

    This look is ideal for a slicked back hairstyle. This adds a lot of texture and volume to the top for a sleek effect. It is also advisable to use much less product than is necessary, since the hair might be more finger-friendly when stroking it.

    5. Messy Slicked

    brushed back hairstyles

    This slightly unkempt look exudes rebelliousness. Following the natural hairline and allowing the hair to get messy while maintaining the important backward combing direction.

    6. Slick Back Long Curls

    brushed back hairstyles

    If you have long hair, this smooth wet look for curled hair will take your breath away. Comb your hair in the back and add hair wax to give it a damp look. Allow a few strands of hair to fall on your forehead.

    7. Combed Back

    brushed back hairstyles

    You might enjoy this if you’re seeking for men’s brushed back hairstyles. This is a more straightforward and effective variation of the brushed or slicked back look. It takes a little product to appear that neat and clean. Coming to your hair, it also has a really smooth finish. For this style to work, the hair should have volume and not fall flat.

    8. Undercut Slicked Back with Taper Fade

    brushed back hairstyles

    The undercut and long top slicked back are a match made in heaven. The detail of a drop fade looks perfect.

    9. Low Fade on Slicked Back Top

    brushed back hairstyles

    Make a low fade for your back hair and leave your top hair long and secured in a bun. Combination of this hairstyle plus a short beard and moustache.

    10. Slick Back with Low Fade

    brushed back hairstyles

    This is a distinct style of men’s brushed back hair that has less fade. This design, which fades just above the ears, is ideal for folks who want to show off without going crazy. This appearance also provides a great balance and does not appear bad—it simply appears wonderful.

    11. Slicked Back Mid Fade Undercut

    brushed back hairstyles

    We dare not call this a true slicked back style, but it ticks all the right boxes! Because the top hair appears to be breezy, I’d say little to no product was used to keep the movement.

    12. Long Slicked Back Undercut

    brushed back hairstyles

    Make a stunning wet appearance with hair wax and get a short undercut trim. Make a bun using your top hair. It will produce a stunning contrast that you will adore.

    13. Slick Back Short Hair

    brushed back hairstyles

    This is a good looking brushed back men’s hairstyle. This style does not require medium or long hair. You may also do it with short hair. This look will incorporate the usage of products to give your hairstyle the precise contour. You’ll just need a tiny bit because your hair will be short.

    14. Skin Fade + Slicked Back Hairstyle

    brushed back hairstyles

    It’s not like this hairstyle will go out of style, but how retro-cool does it look?

    15. Long Hair with Beard

    brushed back hairstyles

      Maintain a long boxed beard and separate your hair into two sections. Pin the top section into a ponytail and leave the lower section free. Your moist textured curls should fall over your shoulders and back.

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