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15 Boho Hairstyles for Curly and Straight Hair

    boho hairstyles

    Boho hairstyles are free, easy and breezy. They are gorgeous to look at and are easy to carry off. Even though they look beautiful every which way, they usually go with the season, i.e. boho hairstyles are the demand for summer and fall. Bohemian hairstyles do not need a lot of care and effort. What adds to its beauty is messiness and negligence. Isn’t that the dream? We all want a hairstyle that requires no effort to look gorgeous. But, you need to remember that every hairstyle messed up with wind is not the favourite Bohemian hairstyle.

    Today, we’ll talk about different boho hairstyles for short, medium, and long hair to make things easier for you. We’ll also show you how great these styles look on both straight and curly hair. Bohemian hairstyles can even make thin hair look fuller and more interesting. The cool thing about this style is that it can also be worn at a wedding. Yes, boho hairstyles are “THE” hairstyles for weddings. Not just for the bride, but also for wedding guests and bridesmaids, these hairstyles offer different ways to wear hair up. The most variety is found in bohemian hairstyles. Find any guide and give it a try.

    Boho Hairstyles Ideas

    Boho updos, downdos, and half-up styles are very popular right now. They have pastel highlights, lots of accessories or parts of plants used as accessories, and a variety of braided parts. Take ideas from nature and 70s hairstyles, try out the styles below, and come up with your own unique looks!

    1. Pony Boho

    boho hairstyles

    When Boho hairstyles are pulled back into a pony, they look great. Fishtail braids that start on one side and go down the pony look great in these styles. The look is kept messy as a whole. This style looks great on thin hair. Add some bohemian braids to your ponytail the next time you tie it up.

    2. Romantic Florettes

    boho hairstyles

    The first part of this complicated style is a waterfall braid. Next, bohemian florettes are added. These are braids that have been pulled out and twisted into a circle. You take the pieces from under the waterfall braid to make these. The second one adds strands from the hairline to make it look elegant and flowy.

    3. Long Boho Hairstyle

    boho hairstyles

    Bohemian braids can be made into a headband and grown all the way. You can add flowers and leaves to the headband to make it more interesting. If your girlfriend just asked you to be her maid of honor, this can be a great look for a wedding outside. This is a great bohemian twist style for your hair.

    4. Voluminous Fishtail Updo

    boho hairstyles

    Boho hairstyles can be interpreted in about five thousand ways, and one of them is “Old Hollywood Glam.” Being a bombshell is all about having soft, full hair. First, spray the hair with salt or a spray made for braiding. Then, tease the hair to make a fish tail. Pull on it to get the most out of it, and then tuck the end under.

    5. For Thin hair

    boho hairstyles

    If you have thin hair, you can go for boho braids. Long braids on one side are a Boho style for long, thin hair. Don’t forget to finish off the look with a boho braid headband. Go to work or take a walk through the park.

    6. Half Updo with a Crown

    boho hairstyles

    One of the most romantic boho hairstyles is a half updo. The crimped texture and cute headband made from real flowers give it more softness and airiness. What a great mix of things!

    7. Boho Hairstyles Updo

    boho hairstyles

    This hairstyle is in the group of boho-chic hairstyles. If you like updos but don’t think boho hairstyles can work for a bun, you should stop thinking that way. I think the picture says all it needs to say. You can choose a simple braid or a fishtail braid. A beautiful, messy boho updo can be made out of anything.

    8. Messy and Chic

    boho hairstyles

    You can try this look if you like ponytails and have thin hair. A ponytail with a simple braid is a Bohemian hairstyle for long hair. You can make this braid easy or hard. You can wear this style whether your hair is straight or curly. If you want, you can add some accessories.

    9. Boho Rocker Glam

    boho hairstyles

    For a look that isn’t too bohemian, part the top of your hair in two places on each side and clip it up. Then make a low ponytail that looks as smooth and perfect as possible. Tease the top part, make a chunky fishtail braid toward the nape of the neck, wrap a piece of the ponytail around it at the nape, and fishtail the top part of the low ponytail.

    10. Bohemian Hair Flowers

    boho hairstyles

    If your hair is medium length and wavy, you can try styles like the bohemian twist wave hair look. Put some beautiful flowers on your bohemian headbands. To get this look, you might need to look up a tutorial or ask for help. This is a great picture of a wedding.

    11. Boho Updo for Short Hair

    boho hairstyles

    Most of the time, we think of boho hairstyles as being for long hair, but it’s time to break out of that mold. Yes, boho hairstyles look great on both long and short hair. If you want bohemian chic hair, make sure you wear a braided headband. Add flowers or other decorations on top.

    12. Two-Toned Bohemian Updo

    boho hairstyles

    Make a messy low twist updo and add boho-style accessories for an easy way to follow the trend. This worn-in, imperfect look goes well with the colourful hair. Using a salt spray before you start helps the random twists and braids stay in place.

    13. Bohemian Romance Braid

    boho hairstyles

    This style of hair is one of the boho wedding hairstyles. This style is so great because both the bride and her bridesmaids can wear it. The method is beautiful and easy to change. This boho-chic hairstyle is made with twists and accessories, and it looks great on curly, long hair.

    14. Amazing Braids and Bun

    boho hairstyles

    Boho hair can be both messy and perfect at the same time. We love braids and buns that go together in interesting ways, and this one is at the top of our list of things to try soon. The contrast of loose and tight braids looks really cool and shows off the color’s depth.

    15. Boho Cool

    boho hairstyles

    Most people think of boho hairstyles as girly and feminine. But you can see that this form can be changed into any other type. You can make a new boho hairstyle for yourself. You can get this haircut if your hair colour is, say, ash blonde. Add some bohemian braids and pull half of your hair up in a half-up, half-down style.

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