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15 Best Medium-Length Hairstyles in 2023

    medium-length hairstyles

    Because “medium” can mean so many different things, medium hairstyles for women are some of the most versatile. Not only that, but it’s also the length of hair that most people have. But a woman with medium-length hair can pull off styles that are anything but average. To take advantage of all that potential, you have to be willing to try new things. Maybe it’s time to get some style ideas and give your medium-length hair a fresh new look that’s all your own.

    Every woman can look stunning with a medium-length hairstyle. They look great on women with thick hair, and if you choose the right one and style it right, it will add a spark to your look and make you the centre of everyone’s attention.

    Medium-length haircuts with layers are great for people who are tired of their long hair but don’t want to make a big change by cutting it very short. These haircuts look both classy and trendy, beautiful and daring.

    There are many different kinds of mid-length haircuts, so each woman can choose the one that works best for her hair. If your hair is too thick and hard to style, try a shoulder-length cut. This will make your hair easier to work with. No matter if your hair is curly or straight, there is a cut that is made just for you.

    Medium Hairstyles for Women

    In the pictures below, you’ll see everyone’s favourite hairstyles, which we’ve seen on popular hair and beauty blogs. There are also some new ideas that you might want to try out.

    1. Angled Lob

    medium-length hairstyles

    This style with medium-length hair is made much more interesting by an angled cut that creates the look of stacked layers from the back to the front. This style can work with a middle part or a side part.

    2. Hairstyle with V-cut Layers

    medium-length hairstyles

    Want something with less rough edges? Angled, V-shaped layers look great when styled straight, and they will make your cut so easy to take care of. If your colour is starting to look a little dull, add sandy blonde highlights and a lighter shade to the top layers of your hair to make it look more interesting.

    3. Shaggy Medium Length Hairstyles

    medium-length hairstyles

    Hair highlights are the best way to make a woman feel good about her hairstyle. The most natural-looking haircuts are the ones that look like shaggy hair. The long bob haircut in the picture is a beautiful example of how the model’s natural hair type and volume were used to bring out her best features. This hairstyle is a huge hit with women who have thick hair. It’s because it can be styled in a way that looks both careless and beautiful. Layered haircuts always make your hair look fuller.

    4. Casual Side Bangs for Shoulder-Length Hair

    medium-length hairstyles

    If you want to look classy, you can rock this shoulder-length haircut with side-swept bangs every day, no matter where you are.

    5. Mega Layers

    medium-length hairstyles

    “More is more” when it comes to layers. This is the fastest way to get great volume and lift. For a medium-length cut, layers shouldn’t go any higher than the chin.

    6. Bobbed Volume with Highlights

    medium-length hairstyles

    Because of the layers, this is more like a different kind of bob than a traditional one. It looks almost like a shag, but it is smooth and softly rounded instead of tousled and messy. This is basically just one layer of layers that gently bobs over the bottom.

    7. Medium Length Style With Layered Edges

    medium-length hairstyles

    This layered, edgy cut might be the perfect one for your straight hair if you’re looking for the right one. If you want to make your hairstyle look more elegant, you can add highlights or ombre hair accents. If you’re willing to try new things, you might find a colour that fits your personality perfectly. This bob haircut is perfect for an easy-chic look.

    8. Boho Front Bangs

    medium-length hairstyles

    Set your spirit free with these cute boho front bangs made with wavy hair that is about medium length. This style is for people who like to be different. A great look for modern women.

    9. Thick Long Layers

    medium-length hairstyles

    Longer layers like these look great on thick hair with a mid-length cut. The layers flow together and don’t look choppy or piled up.

    10. Long Disconnected Bob with Highlights

    medium-length hairstyles

    The days when bobs were prim and proper are over. Today’s bobs have layers that are cut unevenly and modern dye jobs. The faded-out highlights are a new take on the ombré style and are a fun way to experiment with your hair. The ultimate A-list hairstyle is a long bob with choppy layers cut into it.

    11. Wavy Medium Length Hairstyles

    medium-length hairstyles

    This is a great way to style a shoulder-length bob if your hair is naturally curly. The low lights in this model’s brown hair are beautiful. You can get this style even if your hair is straight if you use a curling iron. The layered haircut gives this style a beautiful, shiny look with a lot of volume.

    12. Textured Bob with Bangs

    medium-length hairstyles

    We all like textures, especially if your hair is thick and straight or has a few waves. This look is stylishly rough, and it looks great with bangs that are swept to the side.

    13. Curly Volume

    medium-length hairstyles

    It’s hard for girls with curly hair to find the right length between short and long that gives them volume. This shoulder-length cut looks great on everyone because the layers around the face are swept to the side. (Remember that curly hair will dry much shorter if you cut it while it’s wet, so don’t cut it to an odd length!)

    14. Centre-Parted Disheveled Blonde Bob

    medium-length hairstyles

    With medium hairstyles, you can easily part your hair down the middle without it looking flat and boring. Make your hair look like it was just thrown together by giving it messy, uneven waves. Add some brightness to your hair by finishing off the style with a cool and fresh blonde color.

    15. Hairstyle With Edgy Layers

    medium-length hairstyles

    It can be hard for women with shoulder-length hair to find a style that they love. Because there are so many different styles to choose from. This cut has a lot of volume because of the layers. This is a style that can be achieved with little work. The look of wavy hair is a little bit more edgy, which is becoming more and more popular. This model’s beautiful balayage hair colour adds depth and dimension to her style, while the ragged edges make for a fun look.

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