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15 Best Low Maintenance Haircut to Try in 2023

    low maintenance haircut

    With how busy our lives are getting, it’s important that our beauty routines, especially for our hair, are as easy to keep up as possible. The best low maintenance haircut and hairstyles don’t have to be boring or plain. In fact, they can be both easy to wear and stylish.

    Best Low Maintenance Haircut

    The most important thing to look for in a low-maintenance haircut is that it should be easy to style at home and look just as good as when you leave the salon. The photos below give some great ideas for hairstyles on the given topic. Check out the tips below to cut down on the time you spend taking care of your hair without giving up a beautiful look.

    1. Curly Wolf Cut

    low maintenance haircut

    Curly girls often don’t like their halo frizz and avoid crown layers because of it. We should say it was a big mistake! Cuts like a shag or a wolf cut, which use layers near the top, make it easy to add volume to the crown and are a great balance for a curly cut.

    2. Choppy Layers on Long Thick Hair

    low maintenance haircut

    People who don’t have thick hair often wish they did, but those with thick hair know that it’s not easy to tame. Long layers will take away the bulk and make it blow Using a round brush to dry the wispy ends of each layer is an easy way to get a salon blowout look.

    3. Messy Waves and Curtain Bangs

    low maintenance haircut

    Here is a beautiful hairstyle that doesn’t require blow drying. Just keep up with the right routine for wavy hair to show off your natural hair texture, which usually has some bends, waves, or curls. Let your curtain bangs dry in a larger roller and then spray them with hairspray.

    4. Ashy Pixie Bob Balayage

    low maintenance haircut

    This pixie bob looks great on a round face shape because it has soft feathering and long side bangs. Highlights around the face make a big statement, and white-blonde highlights are the best way to hide the first grey hairs. It’s amazing how beautiful a haircut that’s easy to do can be.

    5. Blonde Bob with Natural Roots

    low maintenance haircut

    One of the best hairstyles for straight hair is an easy, textured bob cut because you can get a swoon-worthy look without any styling tools. If you want to spice things up with a blonde colour, keep your dark natural roots to make the style easy to care for.

    6. Short Bob with Side Bangs

    low maintenance haircut

    This kind of short haircut is the best choice if you want a cut that takes almost no time to style. With the right bob length and side bangs, your hair can’t fall in the wrong direction, even if it’s straight or curly.

    7. Medium Choppy Cut with Bangs

    low maintenance haircut

    In general, the most popular length for haircuts for women is medium length. With this cut, you can let your hair hang down or quickly pull it up into a style. This easy style has a side bang, light layers, and simple, understated waves that you can do in a flash.

    8. Side-Parted Messy Bob

    low maintenance haircut

    Who knew that low-maintenance hairstyles could look so cool and be so easy to do? This messy blonde Bob has half-done waves and a part that isn’t in the middle.

    9. Shaggy Mid-Length Hair

    low maintenance haircut

    Don’t bother with flat irons, which take more time to style. Instead, get a medium choppy cut with loose, tousled waves and a thick, straight, arched bang.

    10. Layers and Cheekbone Length Fringe

    low maintenance haircut

    Go for layers if you want a change but don’t want to give up your long hair and like to keep it low-maintenance. Layers do a great job of adding volume, and face-framing fringe adds width to a longer face shape in a beautiful way.

    11. Long Layers for Extra Volume

    low maintenance haircut

    Ask your stylist for a layered cut like this one to make your medium-length, wavy hair look fuller. With long curtain bangs, you can always look like you just woke up like this!

    12. Mid Length Copper Hair

    low maintenance haircut

    If your hair is curly, shoulder-length or medium-length hair will look great on you. To make the hairstyle more interesting, pair it with a beautiful hair colour like this copper red. This will make people look at you with even more envy.

    13. Classic Low-Maintenance Pixie

    low maintenance haircut

    Women with thicker hair should get a classic pixie haircut. Cutting hair short makes it easier to manage, helps it dry faster, and makes it easier to style.

    14. Long Hair with Side Parting

    low maintenance haircut

    We all secretly wish we had some women’s naturally straight, thick hair that doesn’t take much time or work to take care of. A quick tip: dying your divine hair will give it some grip and make it even easier to manage. A side part will help you create mind-blowing volume without hair products. Even though the colour needs to be taken care of, having longer hair will save you from having to cut it often.

    15. Medium-Length Curly Hair

    low maintenance haircut

    If your hair is curly, you might want to get a mid-length shag so you don’t have to spend so much time styling it. For a fun look, don’t forget to ask your stylist for choppy bangs.

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