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15 Best Haircuts for Men With Thick Hair

    thick hair men haircut

    Men with thick hair are lucky because they can wear all of the coolest styles. The best hairstyles for men with thick hair are the coolest cuts and styles, like the textured crop, comb over fade, modern quiff, slicked back undercut, and faux hawk. Even though thick hair can be rough and hard to style, guys can get the look they want with the right hair styling products.

    If you want to change your look and want to know what the hottest men’s thick hairstyles are, there are a lot of great options. Here are some examples of the best hairstyles for men with thick hair to give you ideas. Check out these stylish haircuts for men with thick hair to find the right look for you.

    If you’re one of those men with thick hair, you should really feel lucky. Many girls would give anything to have hair like yours. If you are one of them, make sure you choose the right hairstyle to make the most of it and give it value. We suggest that you don’t keep your hair short but instead make it stand out with a long, layered cut or a cut that emphasises the hair on your crown.

    It’s no secret that there are a lot of hairstyles for men with thick hair. If your thick hair has been driving you crazy, getting a short haircut is a great way to get it in shape. You can get a long top and short sides, a mohawk, or a side part.

    Best Men’s Haircuts For Thick Hair

    Men with thick hair can choose from a wide range of hairstyles, from the classic side part to the modern textured crop to the trendy medium-length cut. You can certainly ask your barber for advice on how to cut your hair, but it’s always a good idea to bring in pictures of hairstyles you like.

    For example, if you like short haircuts to make your thick hair easier to manage and style in the morning, we suggest an undercut or fade on the sides with a comb over or brushed back hair. If you want a very short cut, you might even try a crew cut or buzz cut that you can trim yourself at home.

    1. Short Thick Straight Hair

    thick hair men haircut

    Buzz the sides of your head and use hair product to shape the top to make soft side-swept waves. This is a neat, office-appropriate look.

    2. Long Thick Hair

    thick hair men haircut

    With this gorgeous layered hairstyle for men with thick hair, you will look like a mysterious gentleman who will get any girl’s attention. Mix your bangs together and turn them to one side. Your hair will have a lot of body because it is so thick.

    3. Wavy Side Swept

    thick hair men haircut

    For a dramatic look, the hair is grown out long and swept to the side. The thick hair gives the style a full-bodied look that can’t be missed.

    4. Slicked Back Hairstyles

    thick hair men haircut

    Want a straight-up formal hairstyle? This style looks good on men with straight or wavy hair, especially if they are going to a black-tie event. It’s a great hairstyle for grooms that will never go out of style. The expectations of a modern formality are always met. Try out this cool hairstyle.

    5. Short Thick Haircut with Side Part

    thick hair men haircut

    With a side part, it’s easy to separate two different lengths of hair, like how this style has shorter hair on one side and longer hair on the other.

    6. Short Thick Messy Hair

    thick hair men haircut

    There are still people who like the messy look, and it’s easy to get. To get the messy look near the front of your head with your short, thick hair, just use your fingers.

    7. Blown Quiff

    thick hair men haircut

    When styled into a quiff, thick hair really stands out. This cool version of the quiff makes a smooth arc that draws the eye.

    8. Short Thick Hair with Beard

    thick hair men haircut

    If you keep your beard trimmed to look its best, it will look great with this clean cut for thick hair. The smooth hair is combed to one side, giving it a stylish look.

    9. Medium Length Thick Hair

    thick hair men haircut

    Who says only girls can have their hair colored? Choose a silvery platinum blonde hair colour and don’t change the colour of your roots. Cut your hair short on one side and fade it out. Flip the rest of your hair behind your head.

    10. Dyed Undercut Pompadour

    thick hair men haircut

    Here is a dyed pompadour with very thick hair on top that has been carefully styled. With this cut, if your hair is thick, it will definitely keep its shape.

    11. Classy Hairstyle for Thick Wavy Hair

    thick hair men haircut

    Don’t be afraid to make the most of your thick hair with a cut like this if you want to look put together. It has small cuts on the sides, but the top is still full and can be worn in many different ways. It looks clean and professional everywhere.

    12. Short Thick Haircut for Hipster Guy

    thick hair men haircut

    For hipsters who want a look that doesn’t take much work, keep the sides short and smooth back the long hair on top. A few stray hairs are a little bit sexy.

    13. Thick Hairstyle for Oval Face

    thick hair men haircut

    If you have an oval face, any hairstyle will look good on you. If you have a thick mane, this haircut with the crown facing up is one of the best ones for you.

    14. Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles

    thick hair men haircut

    It’s one thing to have thick hair, but it can be a problem to have hair that is both thick and coarse. Choose a short, stylish haircut with a 5 o’clock shadow so you don’t have to worry about something else in the morning before work.

    15. Hairstyle for Men With Thick and Round Face

    thick hair men haircut

    There are a few things you can do to make your round face look slimmer. First, cut your hair so that the sides are short and the top has some height. It will stretch out your face. You can also get the look you want with a short, thick beard.

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