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15 Best Crop Top Haircuts for Men in 2023

    crop top haircut

    The French crop top haircut is a popular short haircut for men who want a cool and textured style. The French crop haircut offers a short cut on the sides, back and top of of the head with a cropped fringe for a trendy look. Also known as a crop top haircut, this stylish men’s hairstyle is often paired with a taper fade on the sides and back to contrast the short hair on top. Whether you want a business professional style or a fashionable look for school, there are several great cropped haircuts to consider.

    Some men will want a short crop top haircut with a low to mid fade for a low-maintenance and sleek cut, while others may prefer a cropped fringe with longer hair and an undercut for a versatile style. When styling the French crop, most guys like a textured hairstyle with a messy or neat finish for a naturally thicker look. With so many cool crop top haircut, it can be a challenge choosing the right look.

    To inspire you, we’ve compiled a list of the best French crop top haircut. From textured to faded styles, explore these popular crop top hairstyles for men to find modern cuts you’ll love.

    A French crop top haircut is a short hairstyle for men that is well-known and popular. This versatile haircut has longer hair on top and shorter hair on the sides, so you always look sharp.

    A French crop top haircut is easy to style and also looks good on receding hairlines. We have the best options for everyone, from a disconnected skin fade to a curly French crop with long bangs.

    Most Popular Crop Top Hairstyles

    The most elegant and strict version of the crop top fade is the one with texture. You need to add something to the hair that will give it texture and a matte finish, if possible. Or, you can use something that gives the hair an edge and makes it look different.

    1. Classic French Crop

    crop top haircut

    The classic French crop is a haircut that has been around for a long time. It has short hair on the sides and back and short hair on top. Most guys get the traditional cut, which is a short top and sides that get shorter. Without the modern fade, this cut makes it look neat and cropped. The hair on top can be longer, but the difference between the back and sides and the top shouldn’t be obvious. For more style, the fringe can be blunt or chopped up.

    2. Bleached Crop Top

    crop top haircut

    A short top with straight bangs is a classic French crop look. This is one of the most popular French crop top haircut. It is a smart style. You can add more drama to this style by bleaching your hair icy white. Add a skin fade to the sides to make it even more interesting.

    3. Textured Quiff

    crop top haircut

    A refresher course is as simple as it sounds. The goal is to get the hair to point diagonally instead of up and down. Whether your hair is short and thin or long and thick, this simple technique will give it more volume.

    4. Classical Textured Crop

    crop top haircut

    The classic textured crop is a simple and stylish way to cut your hair. The top and sides of your head don’t have very different lengths of hair. The sides are cut neatly, and the hair on top is styled with scissors that add texture. The hair on top looks more interesting when it has some texture.

    5. Crop Top Low Fade

    crop top haircut

    With a crop top haircut, your hair gets shorter toward the front, where it should be the shortest. So, if you want to keep some of your locks, this is the best choice because you don’t have to make a big change like you do with other haircuts.

    6. Short French Crop

    crop top haircut

    The short French crop is a great style for guys who want a short haircut that is in style but doesn’t need much styling. This crop top haircut will keep you cool and fresh in the summer with an undercut or fade on the sides and short hair on top. Whether you’re a businessman, a student, or an older man, you can wear the short textured crop top haircut anywhere.

    7. Straight French Crop

    crop top haircut

    The high fade with a quiff is one of the best French crop haircuts. This works well if you want your straight hair to have some texture and want to keep a sharp, athletic look.

    8. Youthful Textured Crop Top Fade

    crop top haircut

    Change the direction of the fringe to make a rough texture. To show how versatile your style is, move the back fringe to the front and the front bangs to the side.

    9. Textured Quiff Hairstyle

    crop top haircut

    One of the most popular types of textured hairstyles is the textured quiff. In fact, it looks like a perfect mix of two different hairstyles. You can make the textured quiff stand out and define it with hair products that add texture.

    10. Crop Top Mid Fade

    crop top haircut

    Adding a mid fade is the best way to improve on the classic crop top fade. Shave the part around your chin and neck and look at how it makes the top of your hair and the tapper stand out.

    11. Long French Crop

    crop top haircut

    The top of a long French crop is longer and has more volume, but the sides and back are still short. Whether you keep your hair long all over or just let your bangs grow out for a longer fringe, the long crop top still looks best with a short taper fade haircut. If you have long hair and get a crop top fade, you’ll have to spend more time styling it, but you’ll be able to try out different looks.

    12. Crop Fade with Dark Hair

    crop top haircut

    If you choose a crop fade, you will always look sharp. This style looks good on men with dark hair because you can get a smooth look on the sides and back while keeping your hair longer on top and cutting it bluntly at the front. This is one of the smoothest haircuts for men that you can get.

    13. Classic Wedge Top

    crop top haircut

    As the front gets wider and the back gets narrower, the round wedge looks like a cone. The top is a little tousled, and blonde highlights give it a messy look. The side is smooth, though.

    14. Layered Textured Crop Haircut

    crop top haircut

    By combining different ways of cutting hair, your hairdresser can give you a unique, textured cut. You can make some really cool textures if you use your creativity and imagination. For this kind of haircut, all you need is hair that is long enough. For a more impressive look, you will need hair that is strong. While your hair grows, you can talk to your barber about how to style it well.

    15. Short Bangs

    crop top haircut

    Trying out a fringe, which is the main part of the crop top fade, can lead to very good results. The best way to do that is to get some short bangs. But you should first see if they look good with the shape of your face.

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