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12 Best Toddler Hairstyles For Girls

    toddler hairstyles

    Little girls are always curious about styling their hair in a unique manner. Whether it is about hairstyles for school, party hairstyles, or something for their casual routine, they always want the best. Even if they are not making their styling decisions yet, the parents are often too concerned about how the girls’ toddler hairstyles would look like on a particular day. Fortunately, there are many toddler hairstyles girl that can be sported on a particular day. You can try out many variations of the typical toddler hairstyles as well in order to keep your girls looking cool and make a few eyeballs roll.

    There are many different kinds of hairstyles for toddler girls, from simple to very fancy, from tomboyish to princess-like. This gallery has 12 pictures of the girly styles we like best. It has complicated braids, pigtails, and half-updos, as well as very simple ponytails and headbands.

    Toddler Hairstyles For Girls

    Don’t let another day go by without making your little girl’s hair a work of art. If you need something more practical, you can use this post as a guide to easy 5-minute toddler hairstyles for your cutie.

    1. Braided Side Bun

    toddler hairstyles

    This cool braided style is one of a kind and looks great. Still, the hairstyle is a little complicated and will take some work on your part. Separate her hair on top by making a couple of crisscross lines from the front to the back. Make a horizontal braid in the middle of the head and have it cross over the design you just made. Secure with beads or bands that can be seen, and then take strands from the back to make a nice, simple low ponytail. To finish off the look, her dress has a big bow that makes a statement.

    2. High Braided Ponytail with Ribbon

    toddler hairstyles

    On our list of hairstyles for toddler girls, braids are used a lot. This one combines the practicality of a high ponytail with the romance of a four-strand ribbon braid. You can make this style with lace, ribbon, beads, or leather by attaching the cord to the base of the ponytail and braiding it in place of the third strand. The first strand goes over the second, then under the third. The fourth strand goes under the third, then over the next. Keep doing this until the end. At the end, tie the braid with the ribbon ends and spread out the ends to make it look fancier.

    3. Double Hair Bows

    toddler hairstyles

    Just Sadie. Jane showed us these tiny bows for her hair, and we fell in love with them. Who wouldn’t want to play with these cute little boys?

    4. Combed Back With Twisted Strands And Fishtail Braid

    toddler hairstyles

    Toddlers love to show off simple looks like this one. But it still has a bit of style to it and looks really beautiful. With her hair pulled back, the twisted strands on either side of her head go into the fishtail braid that starts low on her neck. It looks both simple and chic.

    5. Colorful Back-to-School Multi-Ponytail

    toddler hairstyles

    This style looks good on both medium-length and short hair. To get this look, part your hair down the middle and pull each side into a ponytail. Put elastics around them, then combine the two ponytails into one and put an elastic around this new pony. Keep making little ponytails to make a fun row, as shown here, and add some pretty clips.

    6. French Braids

    toddler hairstyles

    If you hurry over to Babes in Hairland, you can learn how to braid your child’s hair in a French braid. But this is the cheater version, so it’s a little bit easier!

    7. Side Swept Hairstyle With Messy Ponytail

    toddler hairstyles

    Messy hair is stylish, and you can always do the same thing to your little girl’s hair. Just look at this gorgeous hairstyle. At the front, it’s nice and side-swept, but the ponytail is a mess. An elegant look is perfected by a bow clip at the top that makes a statement. It can be worn every day or at a party to make a unique and stylish look.

    8. Cute Puff for Natural Hair

    toddler hairstyles

    Most hairstyles for black toddlers are so creative and flexible that it’s hard not to love them. The best thing about African American girls is that their hair is naturally curly, which gives them a lot of styling options. To get this look, part the hair at the hairline and twist it into a thick rope braid, working toward one side. Pull the rest of the hair back into a neat little ponytail, and that’s it, folks!

    9. Three-Twist Ponytail

    toddler hairstyles

    This three-twisted ponytail from Domesticated Me could be fun. It gives the kids’ hair a little flair without making them too fussy.

    10. Princess Braid

    toddler hairstyles

    When it comes to toddler hairstyles, your little princess needs something that makes her look like a real princess. What do you think of this lovely look up there? The hairstyle is pretty unique and reminds me of royalty. On top, the hair is split into three sections, and the middle section is braided into a nice, long braid that goes all the way to the crown and is secured there. The braid is split into two smaller braids that fall over the forehead and make a loopy shape that goes into the side hair. It looks beautiful and royal as a whole.

    11. Pretty Flower Bun with Braid

    toddler hairstyles

    Long, blonde hair looks great with flower toddler hairstyles, and this cute braided style is no exception. This cute hairstyle is made by separating the hair into two sections, like you would for a half updo. The top part is twisted and braided to look like a flower. Make sure the edges of the future flower will be stretched out so they look like real petals. For the centre of the flower, use a decorative pin. The rest of her hair is beautiful French braids.

    12. Twist Crown Updo for Medium Hair

    toddler hairstyles

    Yes, you can also do a crown updo with hair that is about shoulder length. If you don’t want to do a French braid, you can use a twist instead. Don’t put all your hair into the crown twist. Leave a cute little tail on one side behind the ear and put a bow on it.

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