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12 Best 80s Hairstyles For Men

    80s hairstyles men

    Men’s fashion, style, and hair were at their best in the 1980s. Not surprisingly, many men’s hairstyles from the 1980s made it through the decade, carried over into the 1990s, and are even making a comeback today, but with a modern twist. From the perm to the high top fade to slicked back hair, 80s hairstyles men were all about stunning cuts and big styles. Here are the coolest 80s hairstyles for men to wear at the time, whether you want a retro look or are just interested in fashion from the past. Let’s look at how men’s hair was cut and styled in the 1980s.

    One of the most noticeable things about 80s hairstyles men is undeniably how big they were. It stands out from the rest because it isn’t simple or understated. This can be seen in the way it looks, how long it is, or how it is played. It has a retro look that can’t be missed and will always make an impression.

    Men had some cool hairstyles in the 1980s. Some of these hairstyles are becoming popular again now. No matter what, you will love trying out one of the 80s hairstyles men. This article will show you 50 of the best hairstyles from the 1980s that men can still wear in 2022

    80s Hairstyles For Men

    1. Perm

    80s hairstyles men

    Men’s permed hair is the best way to remember the 1980s. This style of hair was textured and full, and rock stars like Bon Jovi loved it. A perm, which was made by putting the hair through a certain process, was the most popular way to follow cultural trends. Curly hair has changed over the years to be more defined and have less volume.

    2. Bandana Style for Long Hair

    80s hairstyles men

    Trying to grow your hair out? To get this rocker look, use a bandana to frame your long 80s hairstyle for men. Brett Michaels made the look famous, so you may remember it best because of him. When caring for longer hair, it’s best to buy a good conditioner and deep condition it once a week or twice a week. Use curl cream on clean, wet hair to make it curly.

    3. Long Bob Waterfall with Low Fade Undercut

    80s hairstyles men

    One of the most well-known 80s hairstyles men was the long bob. You can get a great look by putting together a long bob waterfall with a low fade undercut.

    4. Big Hair with Volume

    80s hairstyles men

    Men’s standard big hair with volume was thought to be one of the best 80s hairstyles men. Think of David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider. He had long, thick hair that flowed and looked full. This 80s hairstyle was one of the most fashionable and memorable looks of the decade. It was usually done with hairspray and some comb-teasing.

    5. Fresh High and Tight

    80s hairstyles men

    The high and tight look was made famous by Will on the show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It was one of the coolest hairstyles for Black men in the 1980s. The look still works today.

    To make it your own, ask your barber to change the fade on the sides of your head to fit the shape of your face. If your face is long or oval, you should get a high undercut. Round up your lineup to stay true to the decade. If you want a more chiselled look, grow a little beard to balance out your face’s shape.

    6. Mucky Hair with Spiky Hairstyle

    80s hairstyles men

    Even though this messy hairstyle with spikes was popular in the 1980s, we can see it coming back now. You can try this and look more up-to-date.

    7. High Top Fade

    80s hairstyles men

    During the 1980s, men with natural hair liked the high top fade. With longer hair on top that was cut into a square shape and a clean fade on the sides and back, the high top haircut stood out and was easy to make your own. The shape had to be kept all day with the help of carefully placed styling products and sheer willpower.

    8. Retro Feathered Shag

    80s hairstyles men

    The length of hair got shorter after the 1970s. Shags were still cool, but they got shorter. If you like soft charm, look no further than this men’s feathered hair from the 1980s. It has a young and slightly artsy vibe, so it’s not the best choice for a clean-cut guy but rather a romantic one.

    Side bangs that fall down beautifully frame light eyes. A square jaw line is made less harsh by a feathery shag’s round shape. Ask your stylist to cut your hair so that it falls below your ears. This will help frame your jaw and your face shape as a whole. This style looks good on any hair colour, but sandy blonde hair gives it a beachy feel.

    9. Wavy Perm Curly Hair with Long Fringe Bangs

    80s hairstyles men

    If your hair is naturally curly, you can let it grow out and add long fringe bangs. To keep your hair shiny, you will need to put wax on it.

    10. Slicked Back Hair

    80s hairstyles men

    Men who wanted to look smooth had their hair slicked back. This retro hairstyle was liked by both the rich and famous in Hollywood and the stockbrokers on Wall Street. The slick back hairstyle is easy to cut and style. For a shiny finish, you need a good haircut and a strong styling product. In the end, styles with hair slicked back have changed over time. The back and sides of the modern slick back now have a fade or undercut.

    11. Curly Mullet

    80s hairstyles men

    Want a style that is really different? Then you’ll like this curly mullet from the 1980s for men. Mullets aren’t for everyone, but if you always feel like “business in the front, party in the back,” it’s time to get one.

    A beard can help balance and soften the look of a square-shaped face. Use a moisturising mask once a week if your hair tends to get dry.

    12. Mohawk Big Wavy Curls with Mid Fade

    80s hairstyles men

    Mohawks with big, wavy curls are making a comeback, thanks to athletes and people with good taste in fashion. If you combine it with a mid fade, you can end up with a quirky edge.

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