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10 Stylish Shoulder-Length Hairstyles to Try in 2023

    shoulder length hairstyles

    Shoulder-length Hairstyles is becoming more and more common. It’s lighter and easier to take care of than long hair, but it’s still long enough that you can try out different shoulder-length hairstyles. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out the best way to style shoulder-length hair, but don’t worry. You can get a lot of ideas from us.

    Feel free to get creative when styling hair that is about shoulder length. You can go for a bedhead look if you’re in a hurry. You can also brush your hair and add one or two hair clips. This won’t take you more than a minute or two. But if you have more time, you can style your medium-length hair with waves, braids, and updos. You can also choose medium layers to give your hair some texture. And if you want something simple, you could get a straight, one-length cut.

    You like your hair long, but you don’t want to cut it too short. Why not get a haircut that ends at your shoulders? It looks good on all hair types and sits just above the collarbones. It also gives you a lot of room for creativity. There are a lot of options, like bangs, layered cuts, and lobs. There are a lot of shoulder-length haircuts to choose from, so it might be hard to figure out which one will look best on you. Check out our list of the best shoulder-length haircuts before you go to the salon next time.

    What Type of Hairstyle and Bangs to Choose

    Layered, shoulder-length cuts and sassy lobs are always in style because they can be worn with many different styles and look good on all face shapes, depending on the length. Well-cut bangs can make these hairstyles look better, draw attention to your eyes, and make your face look more balanced.

    Asymmetry is good for round faces because it creates lines that make a round face look longer. Use bangs that are uneven or chopped, a side part, and curls. Don’t get thick, blunt bangs! If you want a haircut for square faces, any kind of asymmetry is also fine. A nice look is created by haircuts that are about middle length. On the other hand, haircuts that end at the chin line are the ones to avoid.

    Middle-length haircuts are great for curly hair because they give it great volume and don’t make it too heavy, which helps curls keep their shape. If your hair is straight, you might want to add some layers. Choppy ends can make your hair look like a cute, creative mess.

    Shoulder Length Haircuts

    It’s always a safe bet to choose a shoulder-length cut with layers. Layers give your hair more volume and soften the lines of your face. With these cool styles, your hair will look ready for any event.

    1. Shoulder Length Layered Straight Hair

    shoulder length hairstyles

    Layers are a great way to give your hair more body, thickness, movement, and depth. Layers are a great way to fix the problem that straight hair can look limp and flat. Depending on the length, layers work for most face shapes. When it comes to hair that is shoulder-length or longer, they can add more personality to a simple cut.

    2. Sleek and Straight

    shoulder length hairstyles

    If you like straight hair, show it off with a smooth, put-together down style. All you have to do is blow-dry or iron it straight to wear it every day. Don’t forget to iron the tips of your hair inwards to stop flyaways, and finish with a smoothing hairspray to keep it straight and smooth all day.

    3. Feathered Haircut

    shoulder length hairstyles

    This beautiful shoulder-length cut looks great and shapes the ends of your hair perfectly. The multiple layers give your hair more volume and make it look even more beautiful and on-trend.

    4. Stunning Blended Blonde Shag Cut with Bangs

    shoulder length hairstyles

    This middle-length, layered haircut with a ’70s vibe and a curtain fringe that looks like it’s been messed up is so cool. This look would look great with buttery blonde hair that is perfectly blended.

    5. Shoulder Length Blunt Hair

    shoulder length hairstyles

    One of the most popular haircuts for women is blunt shoulder-length hair because it can be worn in many ways and is easy to take care of. Not only does a blunt cut look chic and sophisticated, but it also looks great with trendy hair slides, headbands, and clips. The style also looks good on most face shapes and is good for people who have had layers for a long time but want a change.

    6. Shoulder-Length Hair With Hair Clips

    shoulder length hairstyles

    Want to know how to style your shoulder-length hair quickly? Add some pzazz with hair clips. You can even mix and match different clips to get the look you want for the day.

    7. Textured Layer Haircut

    shoulder length hairstyles

    If you want a chic, trendy shoulder-length cut that says “effortless,” this is it! This haircut looks great on women with curly hair, and the beautifully blended layers give your hair more texture and volume.

    8. Middle Length Layered Hair with Highlights

    shoulder length hairstyles

    This look is the essence of femininity and romance. It is both sexy and cute. We can’t get enough of the way these soft curls, feathered bangs, and warm honey blonde go together.

    9. Shoulder Length Curly Hair

    shoulder length hairstyles

    Curly hair looks great with a shoulder-length cut because it shows off all of its natural movement, volume, and bounce without weighing it down. It’s also easier to wash, dry, and style than long, curly hair because it’s shorter. At the same time, it’s long enough that you can add fun touches like braids to dress it up.

    10. Scrunched Shoulder-Length Hair

    shoulder length hairstyles

    Want to give your shoulder-length hair more body and style? Pull your hair back. First, tell your stylist to cut your hair in soft layers. Curl your hair from the middle to the ends to style it. We’re going for loose, casual waves, so the curls don’t have to be perfect. Use your fingers to separate the waves, and then scrunch your hair to make it look full.

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