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10 New Year’s Hair Resolutions to Help You Get a Fresh Start in 2023

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    As the New Year 2023 approaches, now are the ideal opportunity to begin again! Why not add a few hair-related goals to our own lists of intentions and objectives?

    Whether you want to experiment with a brand-new hairstyle or just manage your hair with better techniques and products, a wish list can help you get there! From heatless hairstyles to scalp exfoliation, let’s examine some inventive ways to keep your crowning splendour in pristine condition in the coming months.

    1. Give Your Hair a Break from Heat Styling

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    If you often use heat styling equipment, consider giving your hair a rest in the new year. Allow your hair to air-dry more often to allow it to recuperate from all the heat damage. Why not have fun trying heat-free curls if you like those sassy waves? Or, try a contemporary wash-and-go haircut to reduce brow drying time.

    2. Get a New Hairstyle

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    It may be intimidating to get a new hairdo, but one of the nicest things about hair is that it grows back, so you may try different styles again!

    If you are stuck in a fashion rut, you must attempt something fresh in the new year! If you often alter your hairstyle, you may want to try some of the hottest 2023 trends, such as the wolf cut or curtain bangs bob. We offer an abundance of ideas to help you get started.

    3. Commit to Regular Trims

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    Set a hair-trimming routine to keep your hair looking its best! The frequency of haircuts mostly depends on hair length, with pixie cuts requiring the most regular trims. However, it’s also important to maintain healthy locks! If your hair is bleached or you often use heat to style it, you should trim the ends more frequently to avoid hair damage caused by split ends.

    4. Explore New Color Techniques

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    The popularity of solid hair colours has increased, but balayage reigns supreme when it comes to producing dimensional colours or grey mixing. It would be a sin against your hair if you did not experiment with any of the available colour treatments. Make it your New Year’s hair resolve to TRY, whether you’re ready for an edgy colour blocking or considering some subtle alterations like money piece highlights or shadow roots.

    5. Get a Professional Blowout

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    The 70s blowout has made a spectacular return and will undoubtedly be one of the most popular haircuts in 2023. A blowout not only gives you a beautiful, sleek style that will turn your attention, but it also gives you the opportunity to see your hair, your haircut, and yourself from a fresh perspective. And fall in love with your crown during the next year!

    6. Deep Condition More Often

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    Deep conditioning treatments may moisturise and mend damaged hair, so if your hair is dry or lacklustre, this is an excellent resolution to make. Plus so if you have curly or natural hair, have transitioned to a natural grey, or use purple shampoo often to keep a cool blonde colour.

    7. Embrace Your Natural Texture

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    Whether your hair is perfectly straight, wavy, curly, or coily, accepting your natural texture is a freeing and powerful experience. Yes, it is easier said than done, since you may need to adjust your hair care regimen and purchase new products to enhance the natural beauty of your hair type. However, the path of learning how to properly care for it and comprehending the subtleties that comprise its construction may be quite gratifying!

    8. Attend Scalp Care

    Your scalp is an essential component of your hair care regimen and requires equal attention to your strands. Maintain its cleanliness by washing often and sometimes exfoliating.

    Regularly bathing the scalp with a gentle shampoo helps to eliminate debris and buildup from styling products, while exfoliating is excellent for eliminating dead skin cells that may block pores and inhibit healthy follicle activity. This is a tried-and-true method for keeping the scalp clean and unclogged, while simultaneously increasing blood circulation to encourage hair growth!

    9. Stop Washing Your Hair Every Day

    Frequent shampooing may deplete hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and brittle. If possible, skip two days between washing to allow your hair time to heal. Additionally, washing your hair less often will allow you to be more deliberate on wash day and maintain the optimal washing and drying techniques.

    10. Invest in Some Quality Hair Products

    If you are currently using shampoo and conditioner from a pharmacy, it may be time to update. Investing in premium hair products may significantly improve the health and look of your hair. Ask your stylist for product recommendations that will help you create the look you see in the salon.

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