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10 Modern Samurai Hairstyle for Men in 2023

    samurai hairstyle

    A Samurai hairstyle is like a modern man bun, but it has a more interesting style. First, it was done by the best Japanese warriors, who were called Samurai, to keep their hair out of their faces, which could be a distraction when fighting. This iconic style, which is also called the Chonmage, has been one of the standard hairstyles for men for a long time. Even powerful sumo wrestlers wear this style, so you know it works.

    The samurai top knot or bun keeps getting bigger instead of going away quickly. The top knot has become more popular because it looks like the way samurai warriors styled their long hair. No longer is it just for guys with very long hair.

    The top knot is a small bun of hair that is made at the very top of the head, not at the crown. Even if you think you can’t get the bun you want, the top knot is a great style for those of us who don’t have a bob.

    If you’re looking for the perfect hairstyle that will make you look better every day, you’ve come to the right place. The Samurai Hairstyle is unique and modern, and it can work for most, if not all, face shapes. Do you want to try a samurai bun, a ponytail, or some other cool hairstyle? It’s easy to change up, and it’s a very flexible haircut. So, keep reading if you want to learn more.

    Samurai is a type of Japanese soldier from the 10th century. Even though samurai fighting stopped around 1876, there are still ways of life and styles that can be learned from them, such as hairstyles, fashion, and how to run a business.

    Most of the time, samurai hair is called chonmage hairstyle. It shaves the hair from the top of the head to the crown and lets the hair on the rest of the head grow out. The hair on the top of the head is left long and tied into a small ponytail. Sumo wrestlers no longer shave the top of their heads when they wear chonmage hair.

    What Is a Samurai Top Knot?

    Even if a man has short hair, he can wear a Samurai bun. The top knot comes from the Chonmage haircut that Japanese men have always worn. It was used by Samurai in the Edo period in the 1500s.

    An undercut is often worn with a top knot. This makes a big difference between the top and side of the head. A neat, shaved side part is another way to bring this out. You can also fade out the sides to make the finish neater along the nape.

    The top can be smoothed back and tied into a bun on or just above the crown. You can also sweep it back in a messy way or make it look neat. The bun itself can be messy, fancy, or just a plain ponytail. Also, braiding the top like in Ragnar Lodbrok is becoming a bit of a trend.

    1. Semi Bun

    samurai hairstyle

    In this style, as the name suggests, only half of the hair is tied into a man bun. Instead, a sharp ponytail is made with the hair. Keep the sides and back tapered to make the top part stand out. Make a break between the top and the rest of the area. For this bun, you need hair that is 6 to 7 inches long. For a well-kept look, keep the sideburns and temples clean and sharp. Add a beard to the style to make it look more trendy.

    2. Long Samurai Hairstyle

    samurai hairstyle

    If you like longer hairstyles, this samurai ponytail cut is perfect for you. With longer hair, you have more ways to style it. You can make a regular ponytail, a top knot, or even locks with a hair tie. You can buzz-cut the sides of your hair if you want to give it a more unique look. This is a cool, modern, and stylish way to do your hair. So, samurai haircuts like this one are always a good choice. Be careful when styling your hair around the back of your head. To get this look, you will need to pick up the right number and length of hair strands.

    3. Looped and Banded Samurai Men’s Bun

    samurai hairstyle

    The way this hairstyle is put together makes it look like a modern samurai cut. Look at how the ponytail loops back on itself and how a leather thong is wrapped around it lengthwise. This is how you want the hair tie to show. As you can see, the samurai style of today is more broken up.

    4. Sleek Man Bun

    samurai hairstyle

    You can be the man of the hour wherever you go with this stylish look. You can make the sides and back narrower by setting aside some of the fabric. Keep your temples and sideburns in good shape. Make a break between the top and the rest of the area. For a well-groomed look, let the hair on top be long and trimmed around the edges. Use good-quality styling products to make it easy to work with your hair. Using a comb, pull the hair to the back, making sure it stays flat against the head. Use a band to make a knot, and dye the edges of the knot any color you like to make it more interesting.

    5. Hidden Knot

    samurai hairstyle

    To grow your hair to the length you want for a top knot, you don’t have to be very patient. You can try the cute and simple samurai top knot hairstyle for a ravishing look.

    6. Textured Top Knot Samurai

    samurai hairstyle

    This is the purest form of a top knot, which is worn high on the head. The interesting part, though, is the hair that stays after the fade. It gives the cut more texture and dimension and gives you another way to wear your hair when you take your top knot down.

    7. Pony Bun

    samurai hairstyle

    For this style, you won’t be trimming the hair on the sides and back. Instead, you’ll use all of your hair. Groom the edges to keep them from splitting. Use a good hair mousse to make your hair flexible and shiny. Using a comb, pull your hair from all directions and bring it close to your head. Make a ponytail by tying a knot in your hair with a band or hair tie. The ponytail can be bent into a simple but eye-catching bun. Make the style look more subtle by giving the temples a rough cut. If you want a beard, you can try any style you want and let your sideburns match the beard.

    8. Neat and Tidy

    samurai hairstyle

    This has no texture at all. A clean shave makes way for the tangle of hair that makes the samurai bun’s signature look. This traditional fighting hairstyle has a lot in common with the man bun. The structure isn’t so rigid, and you don’t have to be a samurai to rock the cut.

    9. High Man Bun

    samurai hairstyle

    It is like any other man bun but the place of the bun is well-determined. For this style, you won’t be cutting your hair short. Instead, you will be gathering all your hair to one spot, higher than the vertex. Make your hair more smooth and shinier by applying hair mousse or any other trusted styling product. Pull your hair smoothly from the front to the back. Also, pull the hair that is closer to the nape upwards and grip all your hair to make a pony high on your head. Tie the pony further to make a thick bun.

    10. Barely Held Together

    samurai hairstyle

    Even though this doesn’t look much like the traditional samurai hairstyle, you can see the idea behind it in the way it’s put together. But this version is loose, easygoing, and relaxed. It’s a softer and more stylish way to dress like a samurai. It’s also the perfect hairstyle for any guy who doesn’t like wearing a man bun.

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