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10 Karen Haircut to Try in 2023

    karen hairstyle

    Everyone is talking about it right now, but for all the wrong reasons. Yes, Karens all over the world are the target of a million memes that make fun of middle-aged white women’s sense of entitlement, crazy complaints, and outlandish demands. If you work in retail or customer service, you’ll know Karen by her famous catchphrase, “Can I speak to your manager?” But they also have a “look” that makes them easy to spot. Since Karens are all over the news, here are the hairstyles you should avoid so that you don’t get mistaken for one.

    People are kind and helpful to each other because that’s how they are made. Influencers on social media spread heartfelt messages about kindness and giving back, which we love to preach. But there are “Karens” even among us who make life hard for regular people in strange ways! If you’ve never heard of the term “Karen,” it’s basically a name for white women who use their white privilege to act demandingly toward other people for no reason. You may have heard this famous meme phrase before: “I want to talk to your manager!”

    Does this sound familiar? So, that’s pretty much what Karens’s slogan is. Karens love to bother people with their annoying behaviour, whether they are in a store or in their own neighbourhood. Because of this, their look has become a sign of being a Karen, and most people try to stay away from such Karens. The Karen haircut is a well-known style that has been used in social media memes. The haircut is thought to have started sometime between the 1990s and the 2000s.

    Even though the haircut is controversial, it still makes the person look bold and gives the hair a sharp look. Before, the haircut was only for women over 35, but now we can see that it looks good on women of all ages.

    What is Karen Haircut?

    The Karen Haircut gives short hair a great theme. People started cutting their hair shorter after the Karen Haircut came out, which is thought to be because of that. That’s how the journey of Karen’s haircut became well-known.

    The haircut is meant to keep the hair short and gives the look a new twist at the same time. The Karen Haircut has an asymmetrical style that makes the hair shorter in the back and longer in the front. The haircut can be changed in any way to fit any hair type or face shape.

    The bangs or fringes are also great features that go well with a Karen hairstyle. Don’t forget that a cordless hair dryer will also make it easy to give your hair volume. The Karen Haircut isn’t just for blonde hair; it’s popular and people of all hair colours and textures try it.

    The latest style is to use contrasting colours to make every part of the hair stand out. People used to think that it was hard to have a trendy look and short hair. With the different styles of the Karen Haircut, short hair could be styled in a lot of different ways.

    1. Original Karen Haircut

    karen hairstyle

    Reality TV star Kate Gosselin wore the original Karen haircut, which is an asymmetric blonde bob. The cut has a long fringe that is swept to the side and a short, spikey back. The chunky, unblended highlights, which look like tiger stripes, maybe the most recognisable part of the hairstyle. The original Karen haircut stood out for all the wrong reasons. It was messy and didn’t look good on her.

    2. Stacked Bob

    karen hairstyle

    Even though most Karens are white women with blonde hair, that doesn’t mean that women with other hair colours can’t be Karens. It’s their haircut, not their colour, that ties them together. So, once you notice those specific patterns, it will be easy to tell if someone has a Karen haircut.

    A Karen haircut is definitely a stacked bob that has been cut very precisely and is the right size and shape. This picture shows how it looks, and if you add blonde highlights, this stacked bob will make you look like Karen even if you don’t try very hard.

    3. Punky Modern Karen

    karen hairstyle

    People used to have blonde and black Karen haircuts, but now they are giving it a modern and edgy twist. This turquoise number is a great example of the more modern Karen haircut that we see a lot of these days.

    Aside from the bright turquoise colour, what makes this Karen haircut stand out is the curly hairstyle at the back, which gives it a very modern look. The front hair is long and spiky, and the bangs are short and cute.

    4. Karen Haircut for Black Hair

    karen hairstyle

    The Karen style is not only for blondes. Even if a woman has dark hair, she can still get a chunky, asymmetrical, and unflattering haircut. Maybe the best parts are the worst ones. If black Karens keep their signature pieces of blonde hair that aren’t blended, they might look like a crosswalk. Black hair with highlights can be styled in a lot of better ways.

    5. Pixie with Brown Highlights

    karen hairstyle

    Many Karens also have blonde hair with brown highlights, which is another way to tell them apart. Most of the time, they get a short bob or pixie haircut to get this style. In this case, the brown highlights are either too light or won’t blend well.

    With its brown highlights and blonde base, this hairstyle is a classic example of Karen’s style. If someone goes out with this hairstyle, they don’t even have to say they are a Karen. People will figure it out on their own. Do you want to try it? At your own risk, do it!

    6. Platinum Inverted Bob

    karen hairstyle

    This inverted bob cut in a beautiful platinum colour might be one of the easiest haircuts we’ve ever seen on Karen. But if we’re being honest, we have to admit that it’s also one of the most elegant styles.

    It’s a work of art in how the hair goes from being short in the back to longer in the front. Also, the long side-swept bangs in front of her face frame it perfectly and make it look more girly and young.

    7. Karen Haircut with Red and Blonde Highlights

    karen hairstyle

    Karens are known for having fiery tempers, and what better way to show that than with red and blonde highlights? As with other Karen haircuts, the highlights are made to look weird and chunky on purpose so that they stand out more. With their fiery hair, these Karens show how tough they can be.

    8. Kate’s Haircut

    karen hairstyle

    On the internet, the most popular memes about Karens are the ones that show Kate’s hairstyle. This haircut looks hard, and it’s clear that it’s Karen’s signature style, which has been made fun of many times over the years.

    The blonde hair with brown highlights that is parted on the side and swept to the side doesn’t look very good because the two colours stand out so much. The spiky style on the top of the head doesn’t fit with the vibe, and we don’t even know what’s going on with that dark section of hair, so let’s leave it up to the Karens themselves.

    9. All Shades of Pink

    karen hairstyle

    The Karen haircut is known to be a bit on the older side, but this colourful twist on the original style makes it look more lively and young. Can’t decide what colour to dye your hair? Let it be pink! Can’t decide which shade of pink to try? Why not try all of them?

    These bright hair colors—pink, orange, dark pink, and light pink—don’t go together at all, but they look great together. Again, not everyone has hair this colour. It’s for people who want to stand out, and you will definitely do that!

    10. Neat Karen Haircut

    karen hairstyle

    Karen’s hairstyles can be rough and spiky or neat and shiny. Karens from the country club’s upper class look best with neat, feathery haircuts. It has less exaggeration than the classic Karen cut, which makes it less noticeable. But the short length and chunky highlights that were part of Karen’s original style are still there.

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