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10 Cool eBoy Haircut to Try in 2023

    eboy haircut

    EBoy Haircut is a unique hairstyle that is becoming more and more popular among young people. This style has a unique, edgy look that makes it stand out. People often say that it looks like a mix between a mohawk and a mullet. Young people, especially those who like alternative fashion and music scenes, have been getting EBoy haircuts lately.

    The eboy could be one of the easiest hairstyles for young men to learn. To get the eboy hairstyle, you need to let your hair grow longer than you would for an undercut or buzzcut. These “bangs” are usually as long from the temples to the ears. When your hair is long enough, use a comb or brush to part it down the middle. Your natural bangs will frame both sides of your face when you’re done.

    Even though the eboy haircut looks simple from the outside, growing out your hair and parting it isn’t the only thing you need to do to get the best version. This low-maintenance style is great for high schoolers and hipsters, but there are special tricks to avoid split ends, get a “wet” look, and more. Follow this guide to get the best eboy to look possible.

    TikTok has started a lot of trends, and most of us found out about e-girls and e-boys through it. The style is interesting and expressive, making something new and fun by combining different styles. The typical e-boy is someone who cares about how they look on social media and how they express themselves on the internet. They might wear dark clothes, have painted nails, and have hair that stands out. The curtain haircut is one of the most popular looks that came out of the eBoy style, but it’s not the only one. You can have fun with the length, part, and colour of your hair to make it unique and show off your style.

    In 2023, everybody talks about the eBoy haircut. People sometimes call this hairstyle a “curtain hairstyle.” For this style, you usually keep the sides and back of your hair short and the top of your head long with a part in the middle or on the side. Most of the time, this hairstyle gives you a clean, fresh look because of the long bangs that frame your face.

    What Is An Eboy Haircut?

    Eboy haircuts are a unique style that combines parts of skater culture, grunge, and hip-hop. The look is often edgy and can be worn by both men and women. The front of your head around your face has a lot of volume in an Eboy haircut.

    Teenagers may look good in this style, but anyone of any age, hair type, or length can wear it. If you like modern ideas, you’ll really like them.

    1. Asian Curtain Haircut

    eboy haircut

    Asian men look great with eBoy haircuts, as many well-known K-pop bands like SuperM and BTS have shown. The hairstyle looks great with the thickness of Asian hair, which can be worn with more texture or smooth and straight.

    If you choose this version of the eBoy haircut, keep in mind that the hair should be about ear-length, and the middle part can be slight to the side or right in the middle. It will depend on how your face is shaped. To top it off, you can do what some of these K-pop stars do and colour their emerald green, bright orange, or hot pink to change up the look.

    2. Curtains with Colored Hair

    eboy haircut

    If you want to create the look of an eBoy, curtains and dyed hair are two of the easiest ways to do so. Curtain bangs were very popular in the 1990s, but they are back because they frame the face in a very attractive way. It can also be worn with different lengths and textures of hair, and it can be changed to fit your style. Brightly coloured hair makes a statement and is sure to get you noticed. It’s also fun and gives you a chance to show your personality. Because there are so many colours to choose from, you can choose the one you like best. This is also where the gothic style comes in.

    3. Side Faded Haircut

    eboy haircut

    The eboy sides faded haircut is the next cool style. This style is great for business people because the fade is short and the top is long enough to style perfectly.

    4. Medium Length eBoy haircut

    eboy haircut

    This low-maintenance hairstyle is great for men who like to keep their looks simple. When you go to get your hair cut, you have a lot of options because your hair is medium length.

    In the meantime, it can be as easy as “wash and go” to style the cut. And if you want to step it up a notch, feel free to use a pomade to add some texture. The final look, like the one in the picture above, should make everyone look at your eyes. This will work especially well if you have deep, soulful eyes.

    5. Swept-Back Curtain Bangs

    eboy haircut

    In contrast to the M-style Curtain bangs, add volume from side to side instead of top to bottom. Use a brush and a blow dryer to round out and back your hair. A thin layer of hairspray will help the style stay in place.

    6. Broflow

    eboy haircut

    Try a broflow if you have wavy hair and are looking for an easy but trendy way to style it. It’s one of the most carefree styles because the hair just falls the way it wants to. It is easy to wear and has been worn by men like Bradley Cooper and Dev Patel. To pull off this look, you need hair that is medium-length to long. Many men choose to brush their hair backwards or keep it natural without too much styling to keep it out of their eyes. Broflow works best on curly hair. To get this super-cool look, you just need to wet your hair and let it dry on its own.

    7. Black and Green Eboy Haircut

    eboy haircut

    This eboy hairstyle is made up of two colours: green and black. It’s a great way to show off your sense of style.

    8. EBoy Hairstyle with Full Beard

    eboy haircut

    The picture above shows that full beards look great with eBoy hairstyles. It looks tough and manly, and the rough and smooth locks give it a nice contrast. You need to use good beard oil to pull off this look and clean up your neckbeard.

    Like the other eBoy haircuts, we’ll discuss in today’s guide, you can part your fringe wherever you think it should naturally fall and wear it at the length that looks best with your face shape.

    9. Slick Middle Part Hair

    eboy haircut

    When your hair is wet, you can start from scratch. When your hair is dry, it can be hard to use the right products on it. Use wax or pomade to keep your hair looking smooth. After parting the hair down the middle, rub it through the strands from the roots down.

    10. Thick Eboy Fringe

    eboy haircut

    With an easy-going Eboy look like this, you might need to keep at it. When you have thick hair, it can be hard to place and keep the bangs in place. After you brush your hair, run a small amount of pomade or wax through it and let the hair fall where it wants to. You can control how laid-back your look with the right amount of work and attention to detail.

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