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10 Best Twist Hairstyle for Men in 2023

    male twist hairstyle

    First on the list of hairstyles for black men is the twist. Men’s hairstyles that involve a twist are stylish and easy to style and keep up. But what makes twist haircuts popular among black guys is that they are so versatile that men with short, medium, or long hair can rock them. Men can also wear their twists with classic hairstyles like a high top, a braid, or a fade.

    Because there are so many ways to style twists, most men find it hard to choose just one twist hairstyle. We looked all over the Internet to find some of the coolest twist hairstyles for men so that you don’t have to. You are sure to find a style that works for you, whether you have wavy hair and want a two-strand twist or naturally curly hair and want lustrous twists. Keep scrolling down to see the men’s twist haircuts we’ve chosen.

    Men’s hairstyles with twists are becoming more and more popular these days. If you want to try something new with your curly hair but aren’t ready to commit to dreadlocks, twist hairstyles are a great option. They are neater and shiner than dreadlocks, look good on both short and long hair and are easy to make.

    One of the most common ways for black men to wear their hair is in twists. Twist hairstyles are trendy and cool, and they are easy to style and keep up with. Guys with short, medium, or long hair can all wear hair twists because they are so versatile. In the same way, guys can combine twists with a fade, an undercut, a high top, braids, and other trendy men’s hairstyles. We’ve put together a list of the best twist hairstyles for men so you can get ideas for your next look.

    There’s a hair twist for everyone, whether you have naturally curly hair, want to style it flat, or like two strands. Find a great look by learning how to twist your hair and looking at the best black men’s twist hairstyles.

    1. Two Strand Twists

    male twist hairstyle

    The two-strand twist was the most fashionable and popular hairstyle for men in 2020. To make this style, take two small sections of hair and gently twist them together. When you twist in this way, you’ll get two strands that look like ropes and fall naturally. Repeat the process with more pieces of hair from all over your head. Some guys choose to add rings or beards to the tips of their twisted hair to give it a unique look.

    2. Loose Textured Twists

    male twist hairstyle

    Want a twist hairstyle that’s easy to do? Then give this way a try! To get your afro to look like this, you need to use fewer hair products. To add to this, you can make your hair look even fuller by separating it into smaller pieces before you twist it. Make sure your hair is clean before you start. Tigi Bed Head for Men Dense Up Shampoo is a great shampoo to use to make textured hair look better.

    3. Twists with Fade

    male twist hairstyle

    Modern style is most often done with twists that fade out. A taper fade haircut on the sides and back gives contrast and a sleek look that goes well with the hair twist on top. Men can get any kind of fade when they ask their barber for a “twist fade.” Get a high skin fade if your hair is very short. Otherwise, a low taper can look clean and fresh.

    4. Triangle Twists

    male twist hairstyle

    The key to this hairstyle is twists and shapes. It’s a great way to make your two-strand twists stand out. To rock this hairstyle, you need to divide the manes in different ways. Tell your stylist to make triangle sections instead of the common old-fashioned box pattern. After that, he should follow the usual steps for making two-strand twists. It’s a great way to be creative and stand out from the other men with twist hairstyles by giving yourself a unique look.

    5. Twists with Cuffs

    male twist hairstyle

    When it comes to adding accessories to your twists, hair cuffs are another beautiful way to spice up your twists. Unlike most other hair accessories, hair cuffs are meant to stay on your head as long as you wear the style. Pro tip: When wearing hair cuffs for twists, make sure your twists are medium size so they don’t slip off or break off.

    6. Twist Out

    male twist hairstyle

    At the same time, the twist-out looks sexy, trendy, and outgoing. Casual and easy, twist-out styles show off your natural curls and give them more volume and movement.

    To get the twist-out hairstyle, all you have to do is start with simple two-strand twists and let them set while you sleep. When you wake up, just take out your twists and your hair will look soft and full and be easy to manage.

    7. Twists in a Man Bun

    male twist hairstyle

    This is a great and stylish way for men with afro curls to twist their hair. The haircut is a taper fade, and the hair on top is twisted and put up in a man bun. You can bleach the tips of your twisted hair to make it look more daring and up-to-date. This style works for black men whose faces are square or round.

    8. Twisted Top Hairstyle

    male twist hairstyle

    Do you have long hair that you’re not sure whether you should cut or not? Then, for now, split the difference and decide later. You should get a buzz cut and leave some of your afros on top of your head. Then you can turn that part at the top. This will give you a trendy, one-of-a-kind look that will get you lots of compliments everywhere you go.

    9. Short Hair Twists

    male twist hairstyle

    This hairstyle is very flexible, so you can wear it in different ways depending on how your natural hair looks. In addition, it looks great with a fade cut. To do short hair twists, you need to let your top hair grow out to about an inch or two in length. Even though the twists won’t stay in for long, the haircut is worth the time and effort it takes to style.

    But you should know that if your hair is tightly coiled, your short twists won’t stand out or be clear. So, if you want to stand out, you should have loose coils in your hair.

    10. Two Strand Twists

    male twist hairstyle

    Two-strand twists are some of the easiest hairstyles to do. Because of this, men who like to do their own hair at home love this braided version. The two-strand twist fade is a popular style for guys because it has short sides and longer braids on top.

    To get the 2 strand twist, you just need to divide your hair into sections, then split each section into two pieces and twist them together. You can make these sections as big or small as you want, and you can even add decorations to make it your own. In the end, two-strand twist styles for men are a classic way to style your natural hair that is still masculine.

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