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10 Best Square Face Hairstyle to Try in 2023

    square face hairstyle

    Square faces need certain square face hairstyle to soften their sharp edges and show off their beautiful natural strength. You probably know that your jaw has strong, angular features if you have a square face. The jaw and cheeks are the same width on these face shapes, but this makes you look better in pictures.

    We all like having unique features, but imagine having a face shape that makes you unsure of how to style and take care of your appearance. We’ve got you covered if you have a square face shape. These square face hairstyle for square face shape women and girls are perfect for those with a square face.

    Some girls and women know what their face shape is, while others aren’t sure. Make sure you have a square face before you start looking at square face hairstyle. Take a picture of your whole face without smiling. Print the picture and use lines to show how your face is shaped. Girls with square faces find that the length and width of their faces are about the same. Also, the cheekbones and angles of the jaw are easy to see.

    So, if your face really is square, you are the lucky one. Even as they age, women with square faces are very photogenic. And a square face hairstyle that looks good on them can bring out their natural beauty.

    A square face has a sculpted chin and prominent cheekbones. We often admire square faces because some of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses have them, like Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightley, and Sandra Bullock, to name a few. Girls with a square face shape, on the other hand, often need to fix their strong jawlines with a flattering square face hairstyle. This is because their face width and length are almost the same. And that’s not the right way to divide things up. Square faces have sharp edges that stylists say can be softened with face-framing locks and asymmetry.

    Square Face Hairstyle

    With a square face, the width doesn’t really stand out more than the length, and the jawline is strong and angular. The solutions here have to do with making the corners longer and hiding them.

    Here are the main rules that will help you choose a style that looks good on you:

    โ€“ Stay away from straight bangs and square face hairstyle that make your face look the same way. Layers that go from light to dark will make you look good. Choose side bangs to draw attention away from your wide forehead and soften the edges of your features. Avoid thick, bluntly cut bangs. They make your lower face look even heavier than it is.

    1. Thick Fringe On Long Hair

    square face hairstyle

    If you have a square face, thick bangs are a great way to change the way your face looks. When worn with long hair that draws the eye down, a thick fringe makes the face look longer. If your hair is medium length or short, try wispy or long bangs that flow into layers.

    2. Simple Hairstyle for Square Face

    square face hairstyle

    Women with square faces always look great with short hairstyles that never go out of style. For women with square faces, we have this beautiful and smooth short curly hairstyle with curls. The square face hairstyle makes you look young and cool, and also gives you an elegant look. This beautiful square face hairstyle can also be worn by women in their 50s or 60s. It’s also easy to care for and quick to style, so you can change your look in a flash. That’s so cool!

    3. Medium Layered Dirty Blonde Style

    square face hairstyle

    When it comes to getting the right cut, a square face shape is the easiest to work with. You aren’t trying to hide anything or add anything. Instead, you are showing off your great bone structure. This short, choppy, piecey lob makes the strong chin look softer and shows off the high cheek bones.

    4. Asymmetrical Bob

    square face hairstyle

    If you have a square face, a bob will throw off the balance of your jaw. This option is great for the babe who doesn’t mind being different. To hide a strong jawline, make layers that curl slightly inward.

    5. Short Blonde Haircut for Square Face

    square face hairstyle

    You also can’t get rid of these short hairstyles for women with square faces. This short haircut goes great with blonde hair because it gives it a smooth and edgy chic look. The style is daring, beautiful, and really mesmerising. This can also help women with round faces make their faces look thinner and more defined.

    6. Uneven Chin-Length Bob with Side Bangs

    square face hairstyle

    Square faces look good with a lot of different hairstyles. Choose an asymmetrically tousled bob if you want something shorter. When you flip your side bangs, they will frame your face better and look great with glasses.

    7. Long Frizzy Curls

    square face hairstyle

    When a woman with a square face has curly hair, it works when it softens the sharp jawline. Long styles make both the face and the neck look longer. For the final sexy touch, swoop your hair to the side or make a side part.

    8. The Side Parting Short Bangs

    square face hairstyle

    If you have a square face, a proper side-parted bang would probably help to bring out your best features. If you have a wider jaw, short hair in the front will make your forehead look fuller. The long hair is cut in soft layers, and the front locks end just above the eyebrows and are swept to one side. It is one of the easiest ways to style medium-length hair for people with square faces.

    9. Medium Messy Layered Hairstyle

    square face hairstyle

    Even if you are over 50, you can still get a fun and flirty haircut for a square face. A long bob can be made more interesting by adding some loose, messy waves. With fiery red highlights and messy waves all over, the cut has just the right amount of funk. You’ll look polished and casual all day long.

    10. Ombre Hair With Layers

    square face hairstyle

    The best way to wear a layered haircut on a square face is to focus on hiding the back corners of a strong jawline. Ombre hair keeps your face from looking wider by making it look longer and drawing the eye down instead of side to side.

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