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10 Best Skunk Stripe Hairstyle Ideas For 2023

    skunk stripe hairstyle

    Are you tired of being torn between two of your favourite hair colours? Skunk Stripe Highlights are one of the coolest ways to style your hair right now. When they first came out in the late ’90s and early ’00s, these sassy stripes gave an old favourite a new look.

    If you have a dark head of hair that is surrounded by lighter colour blocks or vice versa, you’ll be the talk of the town for weeks. Read on to learn more about this hair trend that was made popular by rock stars and how you can get the look for yourself: Animals and nature have always been a source of fashion inspiration for people. From leopard print to feathered hats, there are many ways to dress like an animal. This can sometimes lead to really interesting trends, and today we’re going to look at one of those trends. Yes, skunk-striped hair is in style right now. People mostly remember the animal for how bad it smells, but its look is getting a lot of praise on social media.

    Skunk stripe hairstyle is exactly what it sounds like: dark hair with a stripe of light hair going through it. It’s not hard at all. This is often used for curtain

    , where the stripe is put in front. But the basic recipe can be used in many different ways (and with all kinds of colours). For the best skunk look, you’ll need black hair with a white stripe down the middle. But this guide will show you that’s not all you can do.

    What Is Skunk Stripe Hair?

    When you think of a skunk stripe hairstyle, you probably picture its characteristic fluffy black mane with white stripes. The Skunk Stripe does the same thing, separating two colours to show how different they are.

    The original skunk stripe hairstyle is a mix of pearly platinum blonde and raven black, but any colours on opposite sides of the colour wheel will work well together. From chestnut brown and pumpkin orange for an Autumn look to dark violet and robin’s egg blue for a pixie look, the options are endless!

    No matter what you choose—beautiful stripes on the sides of your hair, a bold and jaw-dropping half-and-half look, or boldly blended, different top and bottom layers—you can’t go wrong.

    1. Basic Skunk

    skunk stripe hairstyle

    Here’s the basic skunk stripe hairstyle that’s getting a lot of attention on social media. It has a dark base colour, usually black or dark brown, and a stripe that frames the face that is either white or grey. It looks like curtains, but the curtains are dyed to make the skunk stripe hairstyle.

    2. Platinum Blonde Skunk Stripe on Black Loose Waves

    skunk stripe hairstyle

    Both short and long hair look great with piercing platinum and a cool onyx, which is always a plus. With a blonde skunk stripe around the face that starts at the roots for a thicker, more noticeable highlight, you’ll love letting out your inner Y2K princess. You are paying tribute to Lindsey Lohan’s chic style from the past by wearing two colours.

    3. Light Skunk

    skunk stripe hairstyle

    The style shown here is a lighter version of the skunk stripe hairstyle. Instead of black and white, blonde and dark brown are used. This colour combination has less contrast, but it makes for a more casual look.

    4. 613 Blonde Peek-A-Boo Skunk Stripe

    skunk stripe hairstyle

    What better way to show off your split personality than with a fun peek-a-boo skunk stripe hairstyle? Put a little face framing in front of your platinum highlight to show it off. Add a touch of surprise by putting a block of bright colour under the main mane of midnight. Copy Christina Aguilera’s famous two-toned

    from the early 2000s by pairing this “cookies and cream” look with long, straight, luxurious hair.

    5. Skunk Ponytail

    skunk stripe hairstyle

    To get the skunk look, you can dye the hair in the back so that you have a striped ponytail that looks like a skunk. The stripe is then only seen in the ponytail, which makes the black and white dyes stand out even more.

    6. Gray Skunk Stripe with Black Soft Waves

    skunk stripe hairstyle

    In spite of what most people think, what happens when Storm from X-Men meets Lily Munster is not scary at all. (Well, at least in terms of hair!) Pair a unique, spunky silver skunk stripe hairstylestripe with a head of dark hair to live on the edge. With an icy crown at the front of your tresses, your elegantly wavy finish will have more pizazz.

    7. Mohawk Stripe

    skunk stripe hairstyle

    If you want to look like a skunk stripe hairstyle as much as possible, this could be the style for you. This looks a lot like a real skunk because the base is black and the top is white. Also, the hair is very long and is styled into a mohawk that goes all the way to the base of the neck. The style’s spikes give it one last wild touch.

    8.Honey Blonde Skunk Stripe on 2B Wavy Hair

    skunk stripe hairstyle

    If you think that your new

    with highlights has to be loud and weird, you’re wrong. Some people like to use colour blocking in a more elegant way, which is just as effective and trendy. (Queen Bey has been seen with a similar , and if anyone knows about, it’s Beyonce!) If you want to look more professional, try a warm honey blonde colour with soft black waves that fall down your shoulders.

    9. Brushed Back Mohawk

    skunk stripe hairstyle

    Here’s a slightly more stylish version of the skunk stripe hairstyle. The top hair is then brushed back into a sort of mohawk shape, which makes a bold white stripe. If you only use black and white, you’ll be in the territory of skunk stripe hairstyle.

    10. Honey Blonde Skunk Stripe on Black Coils

    skunk stripe hairstyle

    All you naturalistas will be happy to hear that this trend for highlights looks great on any hair type. Luckily, the only thing that matters is having two colours that contrast each other in a fun way. You could choose a wild, bright colour for the front of your hair, or you could keep things classy with a light blonde or honey blonde on your natural curls.

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