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10 Best Shag Haircut For Girls in 2023

    shag haircut

    The shag haircut is very rock and roll—messy, it’s casual, and looks easy to do. A shag hairstyle usually has short, chopped-off ends, layers around the crown, and a lot of texture. The modern shag is choppy and has a lot of texture, but it doesn’t make you look like you’re in a ’80s hair metal band. It works on almost all types and lengths of hair. (But don’t use too many layers or the style will look too choppy and old.)

    Erin Powers, a hair stylist, says that the fringe is the key to this style. “The fringe has to be right for a great shag,” says Powers. “It’s not a shag if it’s not on.” We asked Powers and Kari Bennett, a hairstylist at California’s Atelier Salon, for advice. The shag haircut is a trendy style for women who want an easy-to-wear look. Most shaggy hairstyles have layered cuts, choppy bangs, and textured styling for a cute and casual look. Even though the shag hairstyle started in the 1970s, it has evolved into a versatile cut with layers, volume, and body that gives you a timeless feminine and sexy look.

    Different hair types, lengths, and textures can be used with these shag haircut styles to make beautiful looks. Some women will want a medium shag for a low-maintenance, wispy look that still has movement and flexibility, while others may want a long layered style with blunt bangs for a more classic look. Here are some examples of the best shag haircuts to give you some ideas. Check out these shag hairstyles for women to find trendy cuts that range from short and modern to long and layered.

    In the 1970s, the shag haircut was very popular, and now it’s back. This style is still one of the most popular ways for women with short to medium-length hair to wear their hair curly. This old hairstyle is great because it’s easy to make it look more modern. You don’t have to cut your hair into a shag to get the look. Instead, you can try the style on a layered lob haircut. This wavy hairstyle looks good on all face shapes, and the way to style it is the same as the wash-and-go style for curly girls: wash, add some product, let it dry, and go! Today, the best short shag hairstyles have the right amount of volume, a lot of movement, and a well-defined wave.

    Ways to Wear a Shag Haircut

    There are many ways to style the shag haircut, from having perfectly straight hair to having curly hair with bangs. Keep scrolling for ideas for your next outfit.

    1. Cropped Pixie Shag

    shag haircut

    Ginnifer Goodwin shows that shags can also be pixie cuts. Use a pomade or balm to style and keep the sides short and the top long. We love the $26 Ouai Matte Pomade for a messy look.

    2. Short Shag Haircut

    shag haircut

    The short shag haircut is a fresh style for women who want to add body and volume to their hair. Short, shaggy hairstyles can look chic and timeless, or they can be styled to look messy and textured for a bold look. A skilled hairstylist can carefully cut layers and bangs to frame your best features for a style that looks good and doesn’t require too much upkeep. The shag can be a great way to make your hair look younger and feel lighter, whether you want to copy the classic bob or give your style some edge.

    3. Cropped Bob

    shag haircut

    Choose a cropped version of the classic shag to take some of the edge off of it. We love how well this sweet but edgy style goes with a feathered fringe.

    4. Blondie Bombshell

    shag haircut

    This long, sexy shag is a great way to deal with hair that is very thick. The levels of shaggy layers are spread out, so you can see the lighter highlights on top and the darker lowlights on the bottom.

    5. Wolf Cut Shag

    shag haircut

    When Billie Eilish showed off her new blonde “wolf cut” shag on Instagram, she almost broke the Internet. She has since cut her hair shorter for a “wolf cut” shag, which is a mix of the shag and the mullet and has over 23 million likes (and counting). To get this look, ask your stylist for short layers on top and long, choppy layers around the back and sides.

    6. Long Shag Haircut

    shag haircut

    The long shag haircut is a modern take on the classic layered look of the 1970s. Women with long, thick hair will love this style. Longer styles, whether they are short and choppy or soft and subtle, can add weight that pulls hair down and takes attention away from your face. With the right cut, the long shag adds layers to your hair that give it texture, dimension, and movement. It also frames your face for a stylish look.

    7. Razored Wavy Shag with Light Bangs

    shag haircut

    Razored shags with bangs that touch the eyebrows are a throwback to the 1970s. The uneven, shaggy layers that fall down to the middle of the chest and are slightly tousled give it a rock-and-roll feel.

    8. Pseudo-Shag Bob

    shag haircut

    Even though there are some exceptions, shag cuts look best when they aren’t done too much. You know the look: perfectly blow-dried hair with not a single hair out of place. No matter how long your hair is, a messy shag usually looks better. Julianne Hough, a dancer and singer, has more of a grown-up shaggy bob.

    9. Medium Shag Haircut

    shag haircut

    The medium shag haircut is one of the most popular choices because it can be styled in many different ways. When your hair is medium length, it’s easy to change the layers in your shag to fit your style. Longer layers give your hair more texture, while shorter layers give your hair more bounce and movement. The shoulder-length shag looks classy when straightened with a flat iron, but it can look edgy and young when you use a texturizing product and scrunch it up quickly. It’s the perfect style for busy women who want to look fashionable without a lot of work.

    10. Razored Shag for Long Thick Hair

    shag haircut

    Long shaggy hair with highlights looks so stylish for beach days and date nights. The layers give it more texture for days when you want to look cool but not try too hard. If your thick hair gets in the way, tie it up in a cute messy bun.

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