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10 Best Lob Hairstyle and Haircuts in 2023

    lob hairstyle

    The “Lob hairstyle,” which stands for “long bob hairstyle,” is just a longer version of the bob cut. Some cuts are better for certain face shapes than others, but The lob hairstylet is one of those “one size fits all” haircuts that looks good on almost everyone. The best Lobs are a little bit choppy and hit just above the shoulder. They’re easy to style, look great whether they’re straight or curly, and go with any outfit or event. One of the ways we like best to rock a lob hairstyle? Curly and a little messy, thanks to AG Hair. Spray a lot of Curl Trigger on wet hair, and then roughly dry it with your fingers, shaking it out and scrunching it up as you go. Once your hair is dry, spray it all over with Texture Spray, focusing on the ends to give it a messy look.

    The cut goes from just above the shoulders to the neck or from just below the shoulders to the neck. It’s a bob cut with a twist. The long bob was first seen in the 1920s, but it’s back in style this year with a new twist. It looks like more and more celebrities are getting lob hairstyle haircuts, which are a trendy version of the bob. In contrast to a bob, a lob (short for “long bob”) goes for a slightly longer style that falls between the chin and the collarbone. Since this stylish hairstyle has been seen on the runways, in Hollywood, and on the streets, it’s not surprising that it’s making its way into the mainstream as well.

    If you want a soft, girly look, you might want to avoid blunt, razored bobs and instead go for a rounded shape. A rounded bob haircut looks great on a lob hairstyle or pixie bob length, and you can always add highlights, waves, or bangs to spice it up.

    Trendy extreme asymmetrical long bob hairstyle for smooth thick hair

    This haircut is great for people with oval or round faces. It’s a classic long, angled bob hairstyle, but the trendy extreme asymmetry between each side brings it right up to date. The line is broken on the shorter side by a short layer that goes to the chin, and the angle from the back is very sharply cut.

    1. Chin Length Rounded Bob with Side Bangs

    lob haistyle

    If you want your hair to look thicker, a stacked bob with highlights is a good way to do it. Putting your layers to one side can give your straight hair more body and volume.

    2. Asymmetric Straight Lob

    lob haistyle

    Keeping the ends of your hair blunt will make it look thicker, but if you don’t like cuts that are all the same length, go for an asymmetrical style. For this modern style, the hair on your dominant side is a little bit longer than the hair on your other side.

    3. Side Swept Straight Bob Cut

    lob haistyle

    The main benefit of a lob hairstyle is that the length of the hair can be changed. During the cut, there is no set length for how long the hairstyle will be. In this, the woman chose a length that is a bit longer than the typical bob.

    Her long, beautiful brown hair falls below her shoulder. The style doesn’t have any curls or waves. By keeping her hair straight, she has kept the style simple and unique. It looked like her hair was naturally straight, so she didn’t have to press it every morning.

    The girl is even more beautiful now that her front flicks have been moved to the side. This hairstyle is great for every day, as well as for the office or school.

    4. Dusty Rose Lob

    lob haistyle

    Dusty rose is one of the most popular hair colours for women right now. It is pretty, unique, feminine, and looks good on a wide range of skin tones.

    This dusty rose lob is a very trendy, easy-care hairstyle that looks good on almost everyone. Its muted rosy colour gives it a bright and interesting finish that still looks natural and draws attention without overpowering the rest of your look.

    5. Short Dark Bob with Subtle Highlights

    lob haistyle

    A choppy, jaw-length bob with a middle part looks good on any face shape. Add babylights that match your base colour to spice up this look without dying your hair a single color. For example, caramel brown looks good with dark brown hair.

    6. Super Sleek

    lob haistyle

    Smoothed all the way to the ends and with just the right amount of balayage, it’s perfect. The best way to get this sleek look is to run a flat iron through your hair and spend a few extra seconds on the ends.

    7. Slick Blond Lob Cut

    lob haistyle

    Blonde hair has become a big trend in the fashion world over the past ten years. Now, you don’t have to be born with blond hair to have it. You can also dye your hair blond with a globe.

    This haircut is for blondes, but if you aren’t blonde, don’t worry—you can still wear it. This hairstyle has hair that falls to your shoulders, drawing attention to your long neck and beautiful face.

    The hair in this style is very straight, which means that it was made that way by pressing and straightening it. The cut is blunt at the bottom, which makes your face look smooth. The style feels like a party because of the side wall.

    8. Stunning Blonde Bob Makeover

    lob haistyle

    Fine hair that doesn’t have much volume will look great in a round shape with sharp ends and a fringe. Add this mesmerising blonde shade to your natural hair colour to get the same chic and attractive look.

    9. Sea Salt Blunt Cut

    lob haistyle

    When we talk about blunt cuts, here is another hairstyle for women with blunt cuts. The blunt cut at the bottom is much more popular because this part of the hairstyle makes the whole thing look better, not just the hairstyle but also you.

    In this style, the length of the hair is about the same as the length of a bob. The blonde colour of the girl’s hair in the picture above makes her hairstyle look sweet and versatile.

    The hair isn’t really blond, but more of a colour that looks like sea salt. She chose a centre part instead of a side part, which we think is the most interesting part of this hairstyle.

    10. Blunt Wavy Lob Hairstyle

    lob haistyle

    Waves and blunt ends make hair look fuller and thicker. No one will think your hair is naturally thin because of this cut and style.

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