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10 Best Hairstyle For Men With Straight Hair

    straight hair men hairstyle

    Straight hairstyles for men can look great no matter how long their hair is. You can still have volume in fine hair as long as you use the right products. Also, it’s very important to pick a hairstyle that works for your hair type. Read on to find your favorite hairstyle.

    Straight hair doesn’t have to be boring just because it’s simple. Straight-haired people will look great with a smart, impressive haircut, no matter how thick or thin their hair is. The best way to find great hairstyles for men with straight hair is to try new cuts every two months until you find one that goes with your clothes or your way of life. Check out the ideas that follow!

    Want great ideas for men’s straight hairstyles? Well, you don’t need to look any further because we’ve already done everything for you.

    We had a lot of ideas, but we chose to focus on the best ones that will help you get the look you want. Continue reading to find out which style might be best for you.
    Lucky guys can be men with straight hair. There are now a lot of hairstyles that look good with hair that is very straight. Also, this type of hair is easier to style and take care of than others because curls and waves are less likely to get frizzy or out of control.

    Hairstyles for Men With Straight Hair

    To get the most out of your hair type, you will need to take care of it and choose a great style cut. Here are some great ideas for men with straight hair who want to change their style.

    1. High Fade with Spiky

    straight hair men hairstyle

    To get this High Fade Haircut, start by fading the arches at an angle. Then, as you get closer to the crown, increase the number on the clipper. Leave the top 4 inches long in the front to make a thick, spikey part that you will style with high-resistance hair pomade.

    2. Brushed Back Pompadour Fade

    straight hair men hairstyle

    Straight-haired guys look best with cuts that have a clear shape, and the trendy pompadour is at the top of the list. In contrast, the sides and back are cut very short, but the top is left long enough to be brushed back.

    To get this look, blow-dry your hair with a round brush to give it more volume at the roots, and then use pomade to smooth the top back. Finish by giving your hair a quick shot of hairspray to keep it in place.

    3. Simple Long and Straight Style

    straight hair men hairstyle

    Straight-haired men should get a simple, long, straight style if their hair doesn’t have much volume. It doesn’t take long to get it looking good in the morning, and it’s easy to find the shampoo products you need. To keep the hair straight and easy to manage as it grows, all you need is shampoo and conditioner.

    4. Comb Over

    straight hair men hairstyle

    The comb-over has been popular for a long time and is still a very fashionable hairstyle. The comb-over is a great hairstyle for men with straight hair because it looks best when it is smooth and neat.

    5. Low Fade with Spiky

    straight hair men hairstyle

    To get this look, with a clean part in the middle and a sharp beard, make the hair longer at the top and cut the crown to be 1 inch long all the way around. This will make a straight line. This is one style for men with straight hair that can be kept looking good with weekly trimming.

    6. Brushed-Back Tapered Mid Fade

    straight hair men hairstyle

    When you have straight hair, a tapered cut gives you a lot of styling options. You can brush your hair back, to the side, down the middle, or even forward.

    We love how a brushed-back style goes with a mid-level drop fade (not quite a high or low fade). With longer hair on top, brushing the hair back adds volume and makes the style look neat and tidy. The sides and back get shorter as you get closer to the bottom, but not to the skin. This makes the style easier to keep up than a skin fade.

    7. Quiff

    straight hair men hairstyle

    One of the straight hairstyles that men keep coming back to is the quiff. It’s a shortcut with a soft part. The short part is combed down on one side, and the longer part is combed backward and thick.

    It’s simple, easy to keep up, and looks professional, which makes it one of the best hairstyles for straight hair that men look for when they want to look clean and put together.

    8. Modern Quiff

    straight hair men hairstyle

    The quiff is a very popular hairstyle for men that has been around since the 1950s. It looks great on men with straight hair because the quiff is all about height and volume, which straight hair doesn’t always have. If your hair is flat and lifeless, a quiff could be a nice change.

    9. Straight Hairstyles With Spiky Crop

    straight hair men hairstyle

    If your hair is straight and has been treated (bleached), you should choose styles that are similar. Men who like short hair but need more volume around the head will like using gel to style it.

    10. Over-and-Back Tapered Cut With Side Part

    straight hair men hairstyle

    This style looks great on 1B or 1C hair with a little bend in the strands, but 1A hair can also pull it off. With a clean tapered cut, the hair around the sides and back is cut short, but the top is left long enough to be styled over and back. Use a little mousse that adds volume to wet hair, then brush it over and slightly back while it dries.

    Straight down should be done to the sides and back. Add a light-hold hairspray to the end to make it last longer. If you want more volume, blow dry instead of letting it air dry. You can get more lift at the roots by using a round brush.

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